Mechanical Engineering

Senior Project Assistant
Junior Technical Superintendent, Mechanical
Asst. Professor
Non traditional machining, Machining
Asst. Professor
Surface Engineering, Welding Technology, Industrial Tribology, Additive Manufacturing
Junior Technician, Mechanical
Assistant Professor
Combustion and laser diagnostics, Combustion modeling, Novel laser and optical diagnostic techniques
Assistant Professor
Fracture Mechanics, Elasticity
Research Scholar
Combustion Measurement and Modelling
Ph.D. Scholar
Cryogenic Machining
Assistant Professor
Micro Manufacturing, Laser Surface Treatment, Additive Manufacturing and Composite Fabrication and Machining
Assistant Professor
Heat and Mass Transfer, Inverse Problems in Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Interferometry , Optimization
Assistant Professor
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent multiphase flows
JTS, Mechanical