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Dr. Krishna Sesha Giri
Assistant Professor
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My major interests are in teaching and research activities centred broadly in Fluid-thermal area. I offer UG and PG courses to students across various semesters. My research involves understanding combustion and general fluid phenomena through laser diagnostic techniques. I have a keen interest in developing novel techniques for laser based measurements as well

B. Tech Mechanical Engineering, NIT Trichy

PhD (Mechanical Engineering), IISc, Bangalore

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, CCRC, KAUST



My research work is focused on studying combustion through simple experiments and laser diagnostic techniques in addition to modelling of combustion phenomena through open source CFD codes. Currently our group works on soot modeling in laminar jet diffusion flames and laminar opposed jet diffusion flames. Research work is also centred around using optical techniques to study flames and to obtain information on flame stabilisation, fuel flexibility in gas turbine combustors and fuel reforming through partial oxidation


Undergraduate Teaching

August semester

ME 3020 Heat and Mass Transfer

ME 2010 Foundations of Fluid Mechanics

ME 4502 Aerospace Propulsion

January semester

ME 1100 Engineering Thermodynamics

ME 2240 Measurements Instrumentation and Control

ME 3020 Applied Thermofluids Engineering

ME 2040 Machine Drawing Practice

Postgraduate Teaching

ME 5613 Combustion 

Research Group

PhD candidates

Mr. Navaneethakrishnan (Submitted)


Soot measurement and modeling in opposed jet diffusion flames


Mr. Sumit Sagar Hota

Flame stabilisation in ammonia-fueled gas turbine engine combustors


Mr. Ajith U K Nair

Thermal partial oxidation based fuel reformer design of hydrocarbon fuels


MS candidates

Mr. Amit Makhija (Graduated)

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Soot modeling in laminar diffusion flames


Research Area
Combustion and laser diagnostics
Combustion modeling
Novel laser and optical diagnostic techniques
Additional Information

Recent Publications

Navaneethakrishnan P and Krishna Sesha Giri
Physics of Fluids (2022)
Navaneethakrishnan P and Krishna Sesha Giri
Combustion Science and Technology (2022)
Navaneethakrishnan P and Krishna Sesha Giri
13th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (2021)
Amit Makhija and Krishna Sesha Giri
8th International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer CHT-21, ICHMT (2021)
Amit Makhija and Krishna Sesha Giri
ASME TurboExpo Volume 3A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions V03AT04A023 (2021)