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Dr. Anand T. N. C.
Associate Professor
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On leave from IIT Madras, on the Inter-IIT Faculty Exchange Programme


Aug - Nov 2020

ME2010: Foundations of Fluid Mechanics


Jan - May 2020

ME1020: Engineering Thermodynamics

ME2140: Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Research Area
Droplet and Spray Processes
I.C. Engines
Laser Diagnostics
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Recent Publications

W.S. Prashanth, Sabin Lal Thotarath, Supriya Sarkar, T.N.C. Anand, and Shamit Bakshi
Advanced Powder Technology (2021)
Surendran Mikhil, Shamit Bakshi and T N C Anand
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 168 120878 (2021)
N Tito, G Keerthi, N Balasubramanian and T N C Anand
SAE Technical Paper 2020-01-2233 (2020)
P. Senthilkumar, S. Mikhil, and T.N.C. Anand
Measurement Science and Technology 31 (11) 115204 (2020)