The Logo of IIT Palakkad

IIT Palakkad Logo - Long Form

IIT Palakkad Logo - Short Form


This unique concept highlights the notion of synergy and dynamic inter-relationship between research, theory and practice in academics.

Inspired from the (5,3) torus knot, the cyclic form rendered in a continuous single line symbolises the process of continuous evolution.

The form also has a hidden question mark - representing curiosity. The subtle semblance to the form of a light bulb suggest enlightenment of knowledge, essential to dispel the darkness. The pentamerous elements are symbolic of the pal flower. 

The white star in the centre stands for the illustrious graduates who aspire to make the world a better place.

The colour pallette is unique with golden yellow representing the rising sun and its energy; and the sliver grey representing the propriety of science education. 


Logo Usage Guidelines

Designer: Prof. Tarun Deep Girdher
Design Firm: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad