Mitra (Student Wellness and Counselling Cell) consists of a team of clinical psychologists, a dedicated group of student volunteers, and faculty advisors working on four primary objectives: acclimatizing the fresh students to the new environment, helping students understand their strengths and potential, encouraging them to achieve their goals, and enabling them to deal with their mental health issues if any. We work to help you address any issue that may be interfering with your wellbeing or success. Mitra also helps students who encounter difficulties with academic coursework by counselling, advocacy, outreach, and consultation to promote psychological well-being and academic success.

Students also receive professional assistance in managing depression and anxiety and other mental health disorders. Often you may have experienced difficulty in learning about yourself, creating healthy relationships, developing life coping skills, and improving decision-making skills. Essentially, the services are provided in order to help you address any personal, emotional, or psychological issues that pose a barrier to your success, so that you can achieve your potential. Therapy, Personal counselling, and mental health services are provided on an individualized and group basis.

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