Institute Ethics Committee

The Institute Ethics Committee has been reconstituted to facilitate research involving human subjects following due guidelines set by the ICMR Ethical guidelines. (Office Order Reference IITPKD/DO/CC/2023/11 Dated 27 February 2023)

Dr. Moinak Banerjee, Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram.


1. Prof. Jagadeesh Bayry, Biological Sciences & Engineering, IIT Palakkad - (Member Secretary).
2. Dr. Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Asst. Professor, Chemistry, IIT Palakkad.
3. Dr. Reenu Punnoose, Asst. Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Palakkad.
4. Ms. Arya Aravind, Resident Counselor, IIT Palakkad.
5. Dr. P K Ramalingam, Head of Institute and Senior Consultant Physician-Ahalia Diabetic Hospital, Palakkad.
6. Dr. Sheeba PM, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Govt. Medical College, Palakkad.
7. Dr. Vasudevan V N, Assistant Professor, Meat Technology Unit, KVASU, Mannuthy.
8. Ms. Revathi Margasagaym, Builtech Pavilion, Manapullikavu, Palakkad.
9. Dr. Asha Gopalan, Assistant Regisitrar (Administration), IIT Palakkad.
10. Mr. Sreelal Warrier, Warrier&Co., Advocates, Arbitrators, Mediators&Conciliators, Cochin ( Legal Expert).


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