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Dr. D. Chakradhar
Associate Professor
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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad. My research interests are sustainable machining, non-traditional machining, and artificial intelligence in manufacturing. I teach Automation in Manufacturing for UG students; Digital Manufacturing and Soft Computing courses for PG students. Before joining IIT Palakkad, I have worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal for four and half years.  I have also worked as a senior technology executive at Crompton Greaves Global R&D Centre Mumbai for a period of two years. 


Ongoing project:

Project title: Performance evaluation of a cryogenic coolant through a modified tool holder in machining of Inconel 625 super alloy.

Funding agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. 

Budget: Rs. 1483160 (Rupees fourteen lakhs eighty three thousand one hundred and sixty)

Award type: Early career research award


Courses taught

ME3040 Machine Tools and Metrology 

ME2280 Manufacturing Processes

ME3035 Automation in Manufacturing

ME4010 Industrial Engineering and Management

ME2040 Machine Drawing Practice

ME5009 Digital Manufacturing

ME5610 Soft Computing


Research Group

Research Group - 1:

Research Area: Experimental Investigation on Wire Electric Discharge Machining.

Dr. D. Chakradhar (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Abhilash P M (Research scholar) [Graduated 2021]

Mr. Deepank Rahi (M. Tech. student) [Graduated 2021]

Mr. Ashish Tandan (M. Tech. student)

Mr. Sameer Kumar Anand (Research scholar) 

Research Group - 2:

Research Area: Machinability studies of difficult-to-cut materials. 

Dr. D. Chakradhar (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Rakesh P. R. (Research scholar)

Mr. Midhun Lal M (Research Assistant) [9th July 2020 to 8th July 2021]

Mr. Akshay Mahida (M. Tech. student) [Graduated 2021]

Mr. Virendra Kumar Dubey (M. Tech. student) 

Research Area
Non traditional machining
Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
Cryogenic Machining
Additional Information
Details of PhD supervision

(Name of the student, Thesis title, Co-supervisor (if any), Institute, Status, (Ph.D. awarded year)

  1. Sameer Kumar Anand, "Experimental Investigation on Wire Electric Discharge Machining", IIT Palakkad, (Ongoing).
  2. Rakesh P. R., " Experimental investigation on cryogenic machining of Inconel 625 superalloy", IIT Palakkad, (Ongoing)
  3. Abhilash P. M., "Development of a Condition Monitoring and Process Control System for Wire Electric Discharge Machining", IIT Palakkad, Ph.D. Awarded (2021).
  4. Sachin Kumar, "Studies on Friction Stir Welding Characteristics Of Aa6061/Sic/Fly Ash Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites", Prof. Narendranath S, NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2020).
  5. Sachin B, "Experimental Investigations on Diamond Burnishing of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Under Sustainable Cooling Environments", Prof. Narendranath S, NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2019).
  6. Vinay Varghese, "Studies on End Milling Of Maraging Steel Using Cryogenic Treated And Pvd Coated Cemented Carbide Inserts Under Dry, Wet and Cryogenic Environments", Dr. M. R. Ramesh, NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2019).
  7. Sivaiah P., " Machinability Studies on 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Under Cryogenic Cooling Environment", NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2017).
  8. Priyaranjan Sharma, "Evaluation of WEDM Performance Characteristics of Inconel 706 for Turbine Disc Profile Application", NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2017).
  9. Venkatesh G., "Experimental Investigation on Thermally Assisted Machining of Inconel 718 Superalloy", NITK Surathkal, Ph.D. Awarded (2017). 





Recent Publications

P. M. Abhilash, D. Chakradhar
Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (2022)
P. M. Abhilash, D. Chakradhar
Advances in Manufacturing 10 (1) 131-142 (2022)
P. M. Abhilash, D. Chakradhar
Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability 6 (1) 61-72 (2022)
P. M. Abhilash, D. Chakradhar
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 118 (5) 1453-1467 (2022)