The institute envisages to be known for its collaborative and interdisciplinary research and has set up a few thematic centres for research. More such centres are in the pipeline. The interdisciplinary research centres are with a major focus on research. These centres also run MTech programs and offer minor courses/electives for BTech programs. Collaborative research centres, on the other hand, are research-only entities. The centre administration will be with the Head of the Centre (HoC) and the Centre Consultative Committee, chaired by the HoC. The current centres are as follows.

The computational labs, research labs with large institute funded equipment, and research-cum-teaching labs and associated infrastructure will all be common institute facilities. These facilities will be headed by a Chairperson and would consist typically of large and/or sophisticated equipment whose upkeep and maintenance would be the responsibility of respective faculty-in-charge. The Chairperson for the facility would head a managing committee made up of a subset of faculty-in-charges on a rotational basis to administer the running of these facilities.