Student Clubs

Vadya  - The institute’s music club and the first club founded by the first students in 2015. Being one of the oldest clubs, it has evolved a lot and is consistent at giving breakthrough performances throughout the year. Vadya holds events such as Open mics, Battle of Bands, Sur Sangram, etc. (Club Advisor: Dr. Debarati Chatterjee)

Sync to Beat - The dance club that has the moves to set any stage on fire. The club is always enthusiastic to participate and has organized events such as Naatya the dance battle of crews. (Club Advisor: Dr. Lakshmi Sankar)

Curtain Call - The drama club that has been delivering strong and impactful performances during ARSH, Independence Day, etc. (Club Advisor: Dr. Sarath Sasi)

Shutterbug - The photography club of IIT Palakkad is very enthusiastic to cover any events held in the institute. It consists of some of the most amazing photographers that the institute has seen. It has held events such as Clipqpic - photography competition, In-home photography competition, etc. (Club Advisor: Dr. Padmesh A)

Bioscope - The film-making and media club of IIT Palakkad holds the great responsibility of making short films, covering events, and filming institute videos.  (Club Advisor: Dr. Sarath Sasi)

Grafica - Although a more recently formed club, Grafica - the Fine Arts Club of IIT Palakkad has made numerous posters, artwork and is involved with the graphic design of the institute. (Club Advisor: Dr. Reenu Punnoose)

Quiz Club - The newest of the cultural clubs and its existence exemplifies how significantly the quizzing population at IIT Palakkad has grown. (Club Advisor: Dr. Sarath Sasi)

Data Analysis Club (DAC) - The DAC aims at solving real world problems by designing and tuning predictive models through collection and analysis of data. The community engages itself in discussing, learning and working on topics related to ML and AI. The club strives to build an interdisciplinary student community that is proficient in Data Analysis. (Club Advisor: Dr. Sahely Bhadra)

Yet Another Coding Club (YACC) - YACC has five independent and parallel tracks that you can excel in: Competitive Programming, Ethical Hacking, Full stack development, Game development and System Design. YACC strives to build a strong coding and problem solving culture in the institute and to make programming a cherishable experience for students with different skill sets. (Club Advisor: Dr. Albert Sunny)

The Robotics Club (TRC) - TRC is a community of students who are enthusiastic about creating autonomous robots. It is an interdisciplinary effort where students from any department can learn and work on various aspects such as mechanical design, kinematics and dynamics of the model, sensors, and algorithms to follow. The club supports and fosters everyone's interests in all aspects related to robotics. Robo-geeks are provided with sufficient tools, a workspace and other amenities to let their imaginations run wild. (Club Advisor: Dr. Santha Kumar Mohan & Dr. Arvind Ajoy)

Finance Club - The Finance club aims at inculcating basic financial knowledge in the student community of IIT Palakkad. The club often organizes events on stock analysis, does case studies on various IPOs, encourages start-up pitches via competitions and even arranges financial tips from the gurus of the financial world for the IIT Palakkad fraternity. Besides this, discussions on the financials of anything are highly encouraged. (Club Advisor: Dr. Amrita Roy)

Novare - The trekking and adventure club quenches your thirst for adventures and provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of academics. This club would serve as a haven for anyone interested in exploring different places and cultures. (Club Advisor: Dr. Vishwas V)

Ratham - The main motive of this automotive club is to be a hub for automobile enthusiasts where they could learn, innovate, collaborate and apply themselves in this exciting sector (Club Advisor: Dr. Krishna S). Click here for recent events.

The Fleet Street (TFS) - The student media body of the institute caters to the students with a platform to bolster their opinions. (Club Advisor: Dr. Reenu Punnoose)

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) Club - EBSB is a programme under the Ministry of Education that aims to enhance interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states through the concept of state pairing. The EBSB Club intends to learn the linguistic and cultural aspects of other states in the country covering the history, culture, language, cuisine, festivals, clothing etc. Check out some of the videos here (Mar 2018, Nov 2019-1, Nov 2019-2). (Club Advisor: Dr. Subhasis Mitra)

Campus Spotlight - A joint initiative of SAC and Petrichor, Campus Spotlight is the institute’s very own campus podcast and radio station. It aims to provide a platform for showcasing talent and hearing from the best voices in our institute. (Club Advisor: Dr. Afzaal Ahmed)

YOGSHALA (Yoga Club) - Yoga has been taught and practiced at IIT Palakkad since 2017. Hence, YOGSHALA, the yoga club of the Institute has been constituted with the aim of improving the lifestyle of students as well as others. The main aim of the club is to conduct various Yoga-related activities like regular Yoga classes, workshops, and events to enhance the mental and physical fitness of all members of the Institute community. (Club Advisor: Dr. Kusum Dhochak)

Astronomy club: The Astronomy club is a place where people can discuss, observe and enjoy the Cosmos and all its glory. Students can use the telescope to view the surface of the Moon, planets of the solar system, and nearby galaxies (depending on the ambient light and weather). They can freely discuss and share their knowledge about various Astronomical and Astrophysical phenomena.There will be regular Astrophotography sessions organised during important Astronomical events like meteor showers, satellite flybys and others (Club Advisor: Dr. Projjwal Banerjee) 

Also, check out videos at MuSE (Museum of Science and Technology)