Student Clubs

Cultural Affairs Council

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Reenu Punnoose

A.  Arts Council

Council Advisor: Dr. Nikhil Krishnan M

Grafica, the arts club of IIT Palakkad, is dedicated to nurturing creativity, artistic expression, and graphic design skills among students. With an exciting array of activities and events, Grafica provides a dynamic platform for students to explore diverse art forms and enhance their design abilities. From engaging workshops and friendly competitions to captivating exhibitions, the club inspires students to unleash their artistic potential and refine their design skills. Grafica also organizes interactive sessions with skilled designers, offering invaluable insights. Join Grafica to embark on a captivating journey into the world of art, design, and creativity.

The Music Club of IIT Palakkad brings you to a community where you explore all kinds of Musicians and work with them. Their passion, dedication and talent make them the pulsating heart of our institute, bringing people together through the magical power of Music. Comprising talented students from various disciplines, the club fosters a love for music and provides a platform for members to showcase their skills. Through regular practices, jam sessions, Open Mics, and other events, the club promotes camaraderie and encourages musical exploration. Whether it's the rhythmic beats of the tabla, the soul-stirring melodies of the Guitar, or the lively tunes of the flute, the Vadya Music Club never fails to captivate audiences. Aspiring musicians looking to explore the rich tapestry of Music and collaborate with talented instrumentalists from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to join the vibrant and inclusive Vadya Club.

Sync To Beat
 “Where Rhythm Meets Expression” "Sync To Beat" at IIT Palakkad is a pulsating dance club that brings together students who share a passion for dance. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse dance styles, and exciting events, the club provides an energetic and immersive experience for all its members. Whether someone is a beginner looking to learn new moves or an experienced dancer seeking a platform to express themselves, learn, and grow. "Sync To Beat" offers a supportive and inclusive space for everyone. This is not just a dance club but a vibrant community of dancers who come together to celebrate the power of movement and rhythm. Join us on this exhilarating journey of dance, where we synchronize our steps to the beat and create moments that last a lifetime.

Lifestyle Club
The Lifestyle Club, where institute life transcends the ordinary. It's a fantastical fusion of style and flavor, a whirlwind of elegance and taste. In this enchanting club, fashion and culinary weaves together like a harmonious dance. Picture models strutting down the runway in avant-garde outfits designed by our imaginative students, while the scent of gourmet dishes fills the air. In the Lifestyle Club, imagination knows no bounds, and creativity reigns supreme. Here, our students concoct fashion feasts and cook up visual masterpieces, crafting a space where the artistry of lifestyle takes a delightful and daring center stage!

B. Film and Media Council

Council Advisor: Dr. Sarath Sasi

Welcome to Shutterbug, the Photography Club at IIT Palakkad! Discover the magic of capturing moments with us. Our club offers a range of exciting events, including workshops on composition, lighting, and post-processing, conducted by experienced photographers. Join our photowalks to diverse locations, exploring the beauty of Palakkad while sharpening your skills. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned photographer, Shutterbug provides a supportive community to share ideas and collaborate. Unleash your creativity, tell stories, and freeze time with Shutterbug. Join us on a captivating journey of self-expression through the lens at IIT Palakkad.

Bioscope, the filmmaking club at IIT Palakkad, is a thriving community that fosters creativity and supports students in pursuing their passion for filmmaking. Through a range of activities including workshops, film screenings, and industry interactions, Bioscope provides a nurturing environment where members can learn, collaborate, and explore their love for the cinematic arts. With a strong emphasis on skill development and a supportive atmosphere, Bioscope empowers aspiring filmmakers to unleash their creative potential and pursue their dreams in the world of filmmaking.

Curtain Call
Welcome to Curtain Call, the Dramatics Club at IIT Palakkad! Unleash your creativity on stage with us. Our club offers a variety of exciting events, including workshops on acting, stagecraft, and scriptwriting, led by experienced theater practitioners. Join our rehearsals and performances, exploring the world of theater while honing your skills. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned actor, Curtain Call provides a supportive community to share ideas and collaborate. Step into the spotlight, tell stories, and captivate audiences with Curtain Call. Join us on an enthralling journey of self-expression through the performing arts at IIT Palakkad.

C. Literary Council

Council Advisor: Dr. Sarath Sasi

Akshar is the Literary and Oratory Arts Society of IIT Palakkad. We bring together passionate writers, poets, and artists to celebrate the power of words and creativity. Ours is a thriving community of ambitious minds keen on sharpening our literary skills. We organise lots of literally powered events and competitions like writing competitions, debates, and slam poetry sessions, cryptic crosswords and much more. On weekends, we engage in informal events like Scrabble Saturdays, JAM (Just A Minute). Akshar emboldens students to express their minds and let their creativity flow. We as a community are also extensively backed up by Alumnus who were actively involved.

Oratory Club
"Vaani," the institute’s eloquent haven, is a realm where the spoken word reigns supreme. This club is a tribute to the art of oratory, where words become enchanting melodies and ideas take flight on the wings of eloquence. In the hallowed halls of Vaani, students from all walks of life converge to craft their voices into instruments of persuasion and inspiration. Whether you're an orator in the making or a seasoned speaker, Vaani invites you to a world where language transforms into a symphony, painting the canvas of your institute journey with charisma and conviction.

Qriosity is the quiz club of IIT Palakkad. Within the vibrant atmosphere of Qriosity, members come together to engage in spirited quizzes, brain-teasing puzzles, and intellectually stimulating discussions. From history to science, literature to pop culture, our quizzes cover a wide range of topics, catering to the diverse interests of our members. Each quiz is carefully crafted to offer a healthy blend of fun and educational value, designed to both entertain and enlighten.

D. Independent Clubs

Yogshala (Yoga Club)
Yoga has been taught and practiced at IIT Palakkad since 2017. Hence, Yogshala, the yoga club of the Institute has been constituted with the aim of improving the lifestyle of students as well as others. The main aim of the club is to conduct various Yoga-related activities like regular Yoga classes, workshops, and events to enhance the mental and physical fitness of all members of the Institute community. (Club Advisor: Dr. Kusum Dhochak)

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) Club
EBSB is a program under the Ministry of Education that aims to enhance interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states through the concept of state pairing. The EBSB Club intends to learn the linguistic and cultural aspects of other states in the country covering the history, culture, language, cuisine, festivals, clothing and others. (Club Advisor: Dr. Subhasis Mitra)

Sports and Fitness Affairs Council

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Supratik Sen Mojumdar

Athletics Club
The athletics club at IIT Palakkad is a vibrant community dedicated to promoting physical fitness and a spirit of competition among its members. From sprinting to long-distance running, the club caters to a wide range of track and field events. With regular training sessions, coaching support, and participation in intercollegiate competitions, it provides a platform for students to hone their athletic skills and foster a sense of teamwork. Joining the athletics club not only improves one's physical prowess but also adds a dynamic and energetic dimension to the overall campus experience at IIT Palakkad.

Badminton Club
The badminton club at IIT Palakkad is a spirited community of players who share a passion for the fast-paced and strategic game of badminton. From beginners to advanced players, the club provides a welcoming environment for enthusiasts to hone their skills, engage in friendly matches, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Regular practice sessions, coaching, and participation in tournaments contribute to the vibrant badminton culture on campus. Whether you're a casual player or aiming for competitive excellence, the club offers a space to enjoy the sport and connect with fellow shuttlecock enthusiasts.

Basketball Club
The basketball club at IIT Palakkad is a vibrant community of hoops enthusiasts dedicated to honing their skills and fostering a love for the game. With a blend of friendly competition and spirited teamwork, the club provides a platform for students to stay active, build camaraderie, and showcase their passion for basketball. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer eager to dribble into the world of hoops, the IIT Palakkad basketball club offers an inclusive and exciting environment to embrace the sport.

Chess Club
The IIT Palakkad Chess Club is a vibrant community where strategic minds converge. Engage in intense chess battles, learn from skilled players, and foster a love for the game. Whether you're a grandmaster in the making or a casual player, the club provides a welcoming space for all chess enthusiasts to enhance their skills and share the thrill of each checkmate.

Cricket Club
The cricket club at IIT Palakkad is a dynamic hub for cricket enthusiasts on campus. With a passion for the sport, members engage in regular practice sessions, friendly matches, and tournaments. The club fosters a sense of camaraderie among students who share a love for cricket, providing a platform for skill development and friendly competition. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, the cricket club at IIT Palakkad welcomes all, creating a vibrant community within the institute.

Football Club
IIT Palakkad's football club is a dynamic blend of skill and passion, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its members. With a focus on teamwork and dedication, they aim to not only excel on the field but also create a vibrant community that celebrates the spirit of the game.

Table Tennis Club
The Table Tennis Club at IIT Palakkad is a dynamic hub for enthusiasts who are passionate about the fast-paced and strategic sport of table tennis. With state-of-the-art facilities, the club provides a welcoming space for players of all skill levels to hone their abilities, engage in friendly matches, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Regular training sessions, tournaments, and a vibrant community make it an integral part of campus life, promoting both physical fitness and a love for the game.

Volleyball Club
The volleyball club at IIT Palakkad is a dynamic hub of passionate players dedicated to the sport. With a mix of skill levels and a shared love for volleyball, the club provides a vibrant space for students to enhance their game, foster teamwork, and engage in friendly competition. Regular training sessions, tournaments, and a supportive community make it an exciting avenue for both seasoned players and those new to the sport. Joining the club not only means refining your volleyball prowess but also building lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts.

Gym Club
The IIT Palakkad gym club is a vibrant fitness community where students and faculty come together to prioritize their well-being. With state-of-the-art equipment and a motivating atmosphere, it caters to a diverse range of fitness goals. From cardio workouts to strength training, the gym club offers a supportive environment for individuals to enhance their physical fitness and overall health. Experienced trainers and a variety of fitness classes further contribute to the dynamic fitness culture at IIT Palakkad.

PBM Club
The PBM Club at IIT Palakkad is a powerhouse of strength, combining the disciplines of powerlifting, boxing, and martial arts. It's a dynamic community where members push their physical limits, honing strength, precision, and agility. From lifting heavy weights to mastering the art of combat, this club fosters a culture of resilience and skill development. Join in for a unique fusion of strength and technique in the heart of IIT Palakkad.

Technical Affairs Council

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anoop Akkoorath Mana

Yet Another Coding Club (YACC)
A dynamic and inclusive community of passionate coders and algorithmic thinkers. Our mission is to foster a deep and abiding love for coding, share knowledge, and provide a platform for students to enhance their coding skills and take on real-world challenges. YACC has five independent and parallel tracks that you can excel in: Competitive Programming, Ethical Hacking, Full stack development, Game development and System Design. YACC strives to build strong coding and problem-solving culture in the institute and to make programming a cherishable experience for students with different skill sets. (Club Advisor: Dr. Albert Sunny)

The Robotics Club (TRC)
TRC is the hub for innovation and exploration in the field of robotics. As a student-led club, TRC is dedicated to nurturing a passion for robotics and providing an open platform for students to dive deep into this exciting field. At TRC, we don't just build robots; we craft intelligent machines that can navigate, solve problems, and make a real impact. We host a variety of activities, including robot-building competitions, workshops on cutting-edge robotics technologies, and interactive sessions where you can experiment with drones, autonomous vehicles, and more. (Club Advisor: Dr. Santha Kumar Mohan & Dr. Arvind Ajoy)

Data Analysis Club (DAC)
DAC is the gateway for students to the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. With recent rapid advances in these fields, the club makes sure that the students are updated and can learn and create interesting projects. The club strives to build an interdisciplinary student community that can create AI-based solutions. (Club Advisor: Dr. Sahely Bhadra)

Finance Club
The Finance Club is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy and practical experience in the student community. The club often organises events on stock analysis, does case studies on various IPOs, encourages start-up pitches via competitions and even arranges financial tips from the gurus of the financial world for the IIT Palakkad fraternity. But the Finance Club is not just about numbers and statistics; it's also about fostering a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and financial innovation. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and share a common passion for unravelling the mysteries of the financial world. (Club Advisor: Dr. Amrita Roy)

Astronomy Club
The Astronomy club is a place where people can discuss, observe and Enjoy the Cosmos and all its glory. Students can use the telescope to view the surface of the Moon, planets of the solar system, and nearby galaxies (depending on the ambient light and weather). They can freely discuss and share their knowledge about various Astronomical and Astrophysical phenomena.  There will be regular astronomy sessions organised during important Astronomical events like meteor showers, satellite flybys and others. (Club Advisor: Dr. Projjwal Banerjee)

Y-DYUTHI, the Electrical and Electronics Club, introduces the students to the electrifying world of electrical engineering and electronics. At Y-DYUTHI, we believe in the power of experimentation and hands-on learning. Members have the opportunity to design and build electrical circuits, explore the world of electronics, and gain insights into emerging technologies. From understanding the fundamentals of electricity to designing electronic systems, Y-DYUTHI provides a comprehensive learning experience. The club also arranges industrial visits for students to get practical experience. (Club Advisor: Dr. Manas Kumar Jena)

Hostel Affairs Council

The trekking and adventure club quenches your thirst for adventures and provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of academics. This club would serve as a haven for anyone interested in exploring different places and cultures. (Club Advisor: Dr. Vishwas V)

Horticulture Club
The Horticulture club, formed in 2022, aims to cultivate a sense of love and care towards plants and nature among the student community. The activities of Horticulture club not only include planting trees but also the caring the planted trees, spreading awareness about nature conservation and others. We also keep our club members factually entertained by sharing interesting and rarely known Facts about Nature. (Club Advisor : Dr. M. Sabarimalai Manikandan)

Autonomous Student Clubs

The Fleet Street (TFS)
A student-run media body at IIT Palakkad, is not just a source of information; it is the voice of the student community. We are here to empower students by offering a platform for expression, reporting, and amplifying their opinions. In a world where access to information is a fundamental right, TFS serves as the bridge between the student body and the events and developments happening within our institution. Our mission is clear: to uncover trends, dissect happenings, and report them with impartiality and integrity. (Club Advisor: Dr. Reenu Punnoose)

Campus Spotlight
A joint initiative of SAC and Petrichor, Campus Spotlight is the institute’s very own campus podcast and radio station. It aims to provide a platform for showcasing talent and hearing from the best voices in our institute. (Club Advisor: Dr. Afzaal Ahmed)