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Dr. Santhakumar Mohan
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Santhakumar Mohan got his PhD (Robotics and Control) from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai (India) in 2010. From June 2010 to March 2011, he worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC), Kerala (India). He then worked as world-class university (WCU) postdoctoral fellow at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon (Republic of Korea), in addition to this, he received another prestigious Brain Korea 21 (BK21) Post-doctoral fellowship with the same institute from September 2011 to March 2012. In 2012, he joined the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Indore. He is holding visiting faculty positions at IISc Bangalore, India, RWTH Aachen, Germany and ECN, France. His active research areas include underwater vehicle and underwater manipulator design and control, parallel robotic platforms, assistive robots, field and service robots, intelligent motion control, and, dynamic modelling and control of dynamic systems. Furthermore, he has received the outstanding young Scientist for the year 2014 from Korea Robotics Society, European Master on Advanced Robotics Plus (EMARO+) fellowship (2108-2019) and Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Fellowship (2016–2017). He has published more than 100 articles in various journals and conference proceedings.


Broadly, I work in the field of Robotics and Control. Specifically, I have research interests as follows:

  • Field Robotics, Mobile Manipulators and Underwater Robotic Systems (Dynamics and Control)
  • Parallel Robotic Platforms (Mechanical Design, Dynamics and Control)
  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Robots (Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robots)
Research Group

Current Students:

Jagadeesh Kadiyam (PhD candidate at IIT Indore) - Co-Supervisor: Dr. Devendra Deshmukh

Swati Mishra (PhD candidate at IIT Indore) - Co-Supervisor: Dr. Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma

Former Students:

Yogesh Singh (PhD, 2016), Assistant Professor, NIT Silchar

Jayant Kumar Mohanta (PhD, 2018), Postdoctoral Researcher, IIT Kanpur

Research Area
Motion Control
Mechanism Design and Analysis
Service and Field Robots
Underwater Vehicles and Manipulator Systems
Additional Information
Sponsored Research

On-going Funded Projects


  • Project Title: (#19-19-00692) Development of a hybrid robotic system based on a passive orthosis and an active parallel manipulator for the lower limb rehabilitation
  • Funding Agency: Russian Science Foundation (RSF), Russia
  • Duration: 2019-2021
  • Budget: 18 Million Russian Rubles (approximately Rs. 190 Lacs)


  • Project Title: (CRG/2018/000400) Bio-inspired Hybrid Underwater Vehicle for Ocean Observations
  • Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India
  • Duration: 2019-2021
  • Budget: Rs. 30.91 Lacs


  • Project Title: (INT/Korea/P-43) Robust motion control design for an underwater robot with tilting thrusters
  • Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), India
  • Duration: 2018-2020
  • Budget: Rs. 25.14 Lacs

Recent Publications

Ravi Prakash, Laxmidhar Behera, Santhakumar Mohan, Jagannathan Sarangapani
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology , in press (to appear) (2019)
Meera CS, Mukul Gupta and Santhakumar Mohan
Archive of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
Vasanthakumar M, Vinod B, JK Mohanta and Santhakumar Mohan
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems (2019)
Jayant Kumar Mohanta, Santhakumar Mohan, Phillipe Wenger and Christine Chevallereau
Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science (2018)