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About us
Media provides a way for people to exercise their right to information. A journalist must strive to discover trends and dissect happenings. To abide by this and to cater to the students with a platform to amplify their opinions, we at IIT Palakkad founded THE FLEET STREET, our very own student media body!

In England, Media finds its roots in this very street in London – a hub for publishing and printing. The Fleet Street remains a monument when it comes to the English media. We are also taking the first step, the beginning of something which will hopefully leave a mark over time, hence the name. Be free, be vibrant, and let your ideas flow. Send in your articles, write-ups, stories, and whatever you think should reach the Institute community.

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Current Team
Executive Editor: Madhav Ramesh (

  • Shreya M P (
  • Debasish Dutta (
  • Raswanth Murugan (
  • Shree Ganesha Sharma M S (


Design Head: Priyankka G R (
Correspondents and Design Sub-team

Mentor (Faculty): Dr. Reenu Punnoose