Civil Engineering - Research

The faculty in Civil Engineering come with academic training from various reputed institutes in India and abroad. The diverse background of the faculty helps to bring in different perspectives to teaching and research to the students in Civil Engineering. The research activities in Civil Engineering broadly fall under the following specializations.

Building Materials and Construction Management: The research in Building materials and construction technology at IIT Palakkad is focussed on the development of sustainable and modern construction materials for building systems and its implementation. The research laboratory facilities developed are generic with respect to materials research and can be used for physical and mechanical characterization of all construction materials. The near future plan is focussed on developing a laboratory for durability testing with emphasis on concrete and corrosion. Some of the current work includes improving robustness characteristics of special concretes such as self-compacting concrete (SCC), design and prototype applications of fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) and improving the durability characteristics of textile reinforced concrete (TRC). Another recent area of research being pursued is the utilization of low grade clay in building materials including its classification as per usage potentia. Faculty: Dr. Senthilkumar V., Dr. Sunitha K. Nayar

Environmental Engineering: Research in Environmental Engineering at IIT Palakkad broadly focuses on understanding physical, chemical, and biological processes in the environment, various water quality issues, process development of water and wastewater treatment system, and groundwater remediation. Faculty: Dr. Praveena Gangadharan

Geotechnical Engineering: The geotechnical engineering group in IIT Palakkad is focused on areas like Reinforced Soil & Ground Improvement Techniques, Geosynthetics: Geotechnical and Geo-environmental applications, Green Geotechnics, Physical and numerical modelling in Geotechnical Engineering, Deep Foundations, Soil Stabilisation and Soil-Structure Interaction. Faculty: Dr. Divya P.V., Dr. Rakesh J. Pillai, Dr. Sudheesh T. K.

Structural Engineering:      The research potential includes the theoretical and experimental research related to the following areas: Buckling and post-buckling behaviour of steel structure, Concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) members, Reinforced, and prestressed concrete structures, Structural evaluation of deteriorating structures, Non-destructive testing and evaluation, Structural dynamics and Earthquake engineering with an emphasis on vibration control of structures, Passive, active and semi-active feedback control of structures, Nonlinear dynamic behaviour of structures and Sub structure shaking table test. Faculty: Dr. Anil Kumar M. V .,Dr. Madhu Karthik M., Dr. Sanjukta Chakraborty, Dr. Gokulnath C

Transportation Engineering: Transportation engineering is the application of science and mathematics to enable safe and efficient transport of people and goods. The specific research areas in which the faculty at IIT Palakkad work are pavement materials, design, maintenance, and rehabilitation; pavement forensic evaluation; life cycle assessment; sustainable infrastructure; road network analysis, urban and regional transport planning, traffic engineering, transport safety etc. Faculty: Prof. Tom V. Mathew, Dr. B. K. Bhavathrathan, Dr. C. V. Veena Venudharan

Water Resources Engineering: The research capabilities of Water Resources Engineering group include both simulation and field scale studies in the mentioned areas. Watershed management and developing best management practices using hydrologic models; ungauged basin predictions; groundwater and stream-aquifer interactions; climate and land use change projection and impact assessment on hydrology and water resources; quantification of uncertainty in regional scale climate change studies; forecasting and mitigation studies of hydro-climatic extremes such as droughts and floods; utilizing climate oscillation information for long term prediction and planning of water resources availability; exploring advanced statistical techniques for simulation and analysis of hydro-climatic datasets; teleconnection and impact analysis of large scale ocean atmospheric phenomena with food-water-energy nexus. Faculty:  Dr. Athira P., Dr. Sarmistha Singh, Dr. Subhasis Mitra

PhD Students: Aayillia K Jayasidhan, Abhijith A, Ajeesh K, Alpha Lukose, Athira K, B Anish Kini (External), Bhavinlal K, Dhanya K. A., Femin C Varghese, Gopika Rajagopal, Hari Krishnan K P, Jainet P J, Jose George, K C Aswathy, K. Nitheesh, Meghna V S, Mithulraj M, Musaib Ahmad, Neeraj C R, Nithyasree P V, Reiva Sibi, S Abhishek, Sabarija A M, Sakila Saminathan, Shilpa R Nair, T R Sreeshna, Twinkle S

MS (by Research) Students: Anagha Prabhakar, Anchu Ajayakumar, Haleema Lameez Thajuddeen, Nikunj Dhanani, Shubhang Jain, Sidhan

Staff: Abdul Rahees M P (Junior Technician), Babu Kumar B (Junior Technician), Anandlal M (Junior Technical Superintendent), Jithin Thomas A (Junior Technician), Muhammed Nayif ct (Junior Technical Superintendent)

Details of sponsored projects

  • Soil Investigation Report - AMRUT-2017-18-WSS to Guruvayur Municipality in Thrissur District - Distribution network for Thaikkad Zone - Railway line crossing at Paluvai by push through method Rs.32568  January 2021 - February 2021            Tony P. Thekkiniyath (Contractor KWA)
  • An Algorithm for Automated Identification of Geometric Inconsistencies on Road Networks by Employing Cluster-Calibrated Speed Prediction Models. Rs.2659820           December 2020 - December 2022          SERB - Start-Up Research Grant (SRG)
  • STP Water Testing   Rs.4000           February 2020 - March 2020 Builtech Avenue Apartment Owner's Association
  • Soil Investigation for Laying 500 mm MS pipe across railway line at Ponnurunni by Push-through method Rs.154580       December 2020 - January 2021  Kerala Water Authority
  • Checking/ Vetting the Structural Design/ Drawings proof of the proposed 300 bedded hostel building of SAI - LNCPE, TrivandrumRs.566400         November 2020 - December 2020            Biju P. Daniel & Co.
  • Vetting of Cold In-place Recycling on NH 66     Rs.184080            October 2020 - July 2021     PMR Construction Company
  • Upgradation of coastal roads - Construction of Retaining wall and Upgradation of Road at Vettikkunnuvila Road in Paravoor Municipality in Chathannoor Legislative Assembly Constituency)           Rs.30000 October 2020 - December 2020            Harbour Engineering Department, Government of Kerala
  • Soil Investigation for existing soil at Runway Basic Strip - Calicut International Airport (Phase 2)      Rs.195408       September 2020  October 2020 Airports Authority of India
  • Soil Investigation for existing soil at Runway Basic Strip - Calicut International Airport          Rs.455126       August 2020 - September 2020Airports Authority of India
  • Soil investigation and structural stability for Sebastian indoor stadium, Edava, Thiruvananthapuram   Rs.708000       April - May 2020 Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board
  • Performance of mechanically stabilised reinforced soil structures with locally available marginal lateritic backfills            Rs.1105046 September 2020 - February 2022       Techfab India Industries Ltd., Mumbai
  • Consultancy for Design and Vetting of Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) and Mesh reinforced concrete (RC) Flooring       Rs.240720            March - April 2020   Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Development of Membrane-confined Stem Grouted Piles and their Behaviour under Uplift Loading     Rs.3041700     2020-2023            SERB -Core Research Grant (CRG)
  • Optimization of Production & Transmission - WSS to Pavaratty & Mullassery Panchayaths in Chavakad Thaluk - Supplying, Laying & Commissioning of 300/250/200 mm DI K9 gravity main - Railway crossing at Brahmakulam- Soil exploration by taking 2 nos. trial bo Rs.30090, January 2020       Kerala Water Authority
  • RWSS to Pudukkad, Parappurkkara and Adjoining Panchayaths - Implementation of pipe line near Railway bridge at Kurumali, Rapal by HDD Method       Rs.30090         January 2020 Kerala Water Authority
  • Drought preparedness in Kerala: A comprehensive assessment with respect to climate change      Rs.1288000     2019 - 2021            Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment
  • Structural stability check of flag mast for Naval Academy, Ezhimala Rs.283200 3 months (Jan - Mar 2020)   Garrisson Engineer (Maint) Ezhimala
  • BPCL Cross Country Pipeline: Study on Ground Improvement for the Development of Cochin Seaport- Airport Road Phase-II            Rs.236000 November - December 2019    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Frequency Dependent Linear Control Algorithm for Performance Enhancement of Real Life Civil Structures under Random Excitation      Rs.2156240     2019 - 2021     SERB - Start-Up Research Grant (SRG)
  • Linkage of Large Scale Ocean-Atmospheric Phenomena on Hydroclimatic Extremes in India  Rs.1973180     2019 - 2021            SERB - Start-Up Research Grant (SRG)
  • Analysis of Evacuation Options considering Citizen Mobility Patterns and Disaster Vulnerability in a Himalayan Region Transportation Network    Rs.1353836     2019 - 2022     National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS)
  • Sustainable and resilient environment friendly solutions for hill road design through a pilot study on Mannarkkad - Chinnathadagam Road Rs.2498760          2019 - 2020     Kerala Public Works Department
  • Checking and Vetting of Design Solution of Reinforced Flooring, done by Flatworx Consulting LLP            Rs.155760            September 2019 Flatworx Consulting LLP
  • Vetting of Detailed Design of Viaduct from 1+786 to 2+013 along Thiruvalla Bypass    Rs.141600       July 2019 - September 2019 E K K Infrastructure Limited
  • Review of Soil Report         Rs.25488         January 2019 - February 2019 Furnace Fabrica India Limited
  • Proof Checking of 40m Girder and Deck Slab: Flyover at Vytilla Rs.106200, PWD, Kerala Government
  • Behaviour and Design of CFS Channel compression member with partial LIP Stiffened Flanges         Rs.3426691     2019 - 2022            SERB - Core Research Grant (CRG)
  • Integrating wastewater treatment to groundwater softening and defluoridation using microbial desalination cell            Rs.3519480     2019 - 2022     SERB- Early Career Research Award (ECRA)
  • Vetting of Structural Drawings (Flyover at Edappal Junction)            Rs.283200 April 2019 - June 2019   Ernad Engineering Enterprises
  • Vetting of Structural Design (Improved Design of Eranholi Bridge) Rs.84960      March 2019 - May 2019       Ernad Engineering Enterprises
  • Energy positive microbial osmotic- electro desalination cell for wastewater treatment and high- quality water recovery Rs.3994500 2019 - 2022        SERB - Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in Science (EMEQ)
  • Vetting of Design submitted by Durafloor Concrete Solutions for Fibre Reinforced Flooring  Rs.155760       January 2019 Durafloor Concrete Solutions LLP
  • Soil Investigation for Permanent Campus of IIT Palakkad            Rs.525336 1 month   Central PWD
  • Review of lateral capacity of pile  Rs.28320         August 2018 - September 2018        Furnace Fabrica India Ltd.
  • Vetting of Structural Design of Bus Terminal (AMRUT Urban Transport) for Palakkad Municipality     Rs.56640         July 2018 - September 2018 Palakkad Municipality
  • Structural design of Crash Guard Fencing          Rs.84960            August 2018 - October 2018           Vigilance and Forest Intelligence, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Mix design for grade M15 Dry Lean Concrete mix        Rs.46550 October 2017 - December 2017       Garrison Engineer (P) AF Sulur, MES, Sulur
  • Improving water availability in hilly rain shadow regions through conservation measures    Rs.921431       2015 - 2020            DST INSPIRE Grant