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Dr. sanjukta Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
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Work Experience

Assistant Professor                             Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad          December 2018- Present

Post doctoral researcher                    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China                  January, 2018 -- November 2018

Senior Engineer, Civil,                        M.N.Dastur & Company (P) Ltd, Kolkata         September 2010--December 2011

Engineer, Civil,                                   M.N.Dastur & Company (P) Ltd, Kolkata          June 2007-- July 2008


PhD                    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur                December, 2011 to July, 2017

Mtech                 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur                July, 2008  to August, 2010

BE                      Jadavpur University                                            June, 2003 to June, 2007

Research Area
Vibration control of structures using passive and feedback control mechanisms
Optimal control
Base isolation
Substructure shaking table test
Additional Information

Selected Publications

  1. Chakraborty, S., and Ray Chaudhuri, S. (2014), “Frequency-dependent optimal control in independent modal space for seismic response control of structures”, Journal of Vibration and Control, Vol 22, No 14, page 3236–3252
  2. Chakraborty, S., Roy, K., Ray Chaudhuri, S. (2016), “Design of re-centering spring for flat sliding base isolation system: Theory and a numerical study”, Engineering Structures, Vol 126  page 66-77
  3. Chakraborty, S., Ray Chaudhuri, S. (2017), “Equivalence of Optimal Gain between H2 Norm Minimization and LQR Control of a Linear System”, ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Vol 143, No 6
  4. Chakraborty, S., Ray Chaudhuri, S. (2017), “Energy Transfer to High Frequency Modes of a Building due to Sudden Change in Stiffness at its Base”, ASCE Journal of Engineering  Mechanics, Vol 143, No 8
  5. Sachdeva, G., Chakraborty, S., Ray Chaudhuri, S. (2018), “Seismic response control of a structure isolated by flat sliding bearing and nonlinear restoring spring: Experimental study for performance evaluation”, Engineering Structures,  Vol 159, page 1-13