Purchase Procedure and Annexures

Purchase Procedures


Annexure A (Purchase Proposal Less than / Upto Rs.2.5 Lakh)-Revised PDF DOCX

Annexure B ( Purchase Proposal above Rs.2.5 Lakh)-Revised PDF DOCX

Annexure C (Certificate - GFR 154)  PDF DOCX

Annexure D (Certificate - GFR 155)  PDF DOCX

Annexure E (Terms and Conditions)  PDF DOCX

Proprietary Article Certificate (PAC) PDF DOCX

Disclosure - Research Equipments

Declaration-Emergency Purchase PDF    DOCX

Documents pertaining to tender procedure

1. Amendments to the Tender Document

2. Language Format Signing of the Bids

3. Conformity of the Tender Document

4. Modification and Withdrawal of Bids

5. Opening Examination Clarification and Evaluation of Bids

6. Supplier’s Responsibilities

7. Terms of Payment Taxes and Duties

8. Product Upgrades

9. Defect Liability

10. Intellectual Property Rights Warranty and Indemnity

11. Format of Bank Guarantee

12. Procedure for Submission of e-Tender