Internal Complaints Committees

Internal Complaints Committee on Caste-based Discrimination

This committee is constituted to address the complaints on caste-based discrimination against SC/ST/OBCs students, staff and faculty. (Office Order Reference IITPKD/RO/NF/2021-2022/003 dated 22/04/2021)

Chairperson: Dr. Rakesh J Pillai, Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad


Dr. Shanmugaraju S, Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad

Dr. G. Sujatha, Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad

Ms. Anitha Mani, Junior Superintendent, IIT Palakkad

Ms. Thasnin Harish, Assistant Registrar, IIT Palakkad (Liaison Officer)

The complaints may be sent to or by submitting this form or by the way of written communication. The Chairperson can co-opt a student or a research scholar as invitee member in the committee based on the nature of complaint received.

Internal Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment

This committee is constituted to go into and recommend necessary steps with regard to complaints on sexual harassment and to address issues related to Prevention, Prohibition and Reddressal of such complaints. (Office Order Reference IITPKD/RO/NF/2021-2022/002 dated 22/04/2021)

Chairperson: Dr. Uma Divakaran, Associate Dean (Academics PG), IIT Palakkad


Ms. Vijaya K, Advocate, Member, VISWAS

Dr. Amrita Roy, Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad

Dr. Sneha Gajbhiye, Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Dean(Admn) , IIT Palakkad (Ex-Officio Member)

Dean (Students), Students General Secretary, Hostel Affairs Secretary and other experts may be co-opted to the committee by the Chairperson if required. The complaints may be sent to the chairperson for necessary action.