Kadambini - IIT Palakkad Women's Forum

The forum is named after Kadambini Ganguly (1861 – 1923), who was one of the first women graduates from India and was a practicing physician, actively involved in women  emancipation movements. The forum envisages bringing about positive impact and development in the social, academic and working environment of the women community of our institute and the society at large by organising events and providing venues for discussions and interactions.

The forum will have broadly the following roles to play

  • To act as a forum for cultivating an increased positive attitude among the women community of the institute through small group interactions and events.
  • To work towards getting welfare policies implemented for the benefit of the institute women community and to act as a channel for providing feedback and proactive inputs for institute level policy-making   in related matters.
  • To conduct activities at the institute level targeting the entire institute community, to sensitise them about gender related issues that are likely to exist in our daily social and academic environment.
  • To conduct outreach programmes to help improve the quality of life and educational development of women from the neighbouring communities

Type of activities

  • Faculty, staff and student groups of the forum will conduct short monthly group meetings of the respective group. These meetings may be in the form of interactions, debating sessions, screening of Ted Talks, video calls with eminent scientists and social workers etc. Some of these meetings can be joint meetings involving more than one group.
  • The student group of the forum will also regularly contribute relevant articles in the Fleet Street, the student news letter of the institute.
  • The forum will organise competitions (like quiz, essay writing etc.) for students on subjects relevant to the cause represented by the forum.   
  • The forum will organise invited talks by eminent women scientists, entrepreneurs, social activists and NGOs who work in gender-related issues.
  • The forum will organise camps / seminars / workshops with the help of external resource persons or NGOs.
  • The audience could include members of the institute community or external beneficiaries, depending on the type of event.