Wellness Hub

The physical and mental wellbeing of the students, staff and faculty are key for the academic achievements, research productivity and overall growth of any institute. In this context, the ‘Wellness Hub’ of the Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad (IIT-PKD) has been created to organise a wide range of diverse activities for the wellness of the institute community. The activities of the hub will include, but are not restricted to, Yoga, Sports, Life Skills, Counselling, Cultural activities and other related actions. The hub will also organise various programs like workshops on happiness, motivational talks, health clinics, sports events and others to help the students and employees to blossom under stress-free and supportive environments.

A Wellness Hub Committee (WHC) with the following composition has been constituted by the Director to manage the Wellness Hub at IIT Palakkad.
Dean (Student Affairs)
Faculty Advisor (Sports & NSO)
Faculty Advisor (Extra-curricular)
Faculty in Charge Counselling
Dr. Tessy Grace Mathews, Counsellor
Ms. Arya Aravind, Counsellor
Medical Officer (To be appointed)
Sports Officer (To be appointed)
The ‘Wellness Hub’ is unique in nature due to its activities integrating all aspects of wellness. The Hub encourages active participation from the institute community in various upcoming events organised by it from time-to-time.

Currently, the different sections of the hub are:


MITRA: The Counselling Services of Wellness Hub

MITRA focuses on the mental health and well-being of the IIT PKD community. Team MITRA consists of qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists who facilitate the inner journey of growth and greater awareness towards the emotional well-being and the progress that individuals want to make in their life. Team MITRA supports students who experience difficulty in learning about themselves, helps foster healthy relationships, develops coping skills and improves decision-making skills. Team MITRA utilises the latest evidence-based clinical practices and reaches out through the one-to-one counselling sessions, group counselling sessions, support groups, mental health camp, well-being orientation sessions, workshops, live discussions, seminars, online resources, posters, competitions, fun-filled activities and other outreach activities. The team also conducts certificate programs for the students and have mandatory interaction with freshers. MITRA is constantly venturing into new and innovative ways to educate and care for our students, staff and faculty.

Cultural Hub

IIT PKD has a vibrant cultural community, which makes it a better place to learn and grow. Wellness Hub will be organising several events to embrace and express the diverse and vibrant culture that we uphold. It will organise several theatrical performances in association with the regional and national cultural centers and schools. conducting regular training and workshops on various art forms for the Institute community is part of its mandate.

Yoga Hub

Yoga as a group of physical, mental, and metaphysical/ spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India, is gaining traction worldwide. IIT-PKD is imbibing the Yoga culture with all its essence and values. Yoga is considered as an important segment of the Wellness Hub as it teaches students the way of leading a peaceful, balanced and more self-aware life. The Wellness Hub will conduct various Yoga activities including regular Yoga classes and workshops. The aim is to create an excellent environment where students lead a mentally and physically healthy life.

Sports Hub

IIT-PKD has a wide range of sporting facilities. These include those for cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, chess, and athletics. There are well equipped gymnasiums in both Nila and Ahalia campuses along with fitness instructors to practice fitness routines.  These facilities are managed by a physical training instructor, coaches  as well as a student sports secretary who organise sporting events on a regular basis throughout the year. The sporting events and facilities are open to all students, staff and faculty. Dedicated sports secretaries are also appointed for individual sports to facilitate increased participation of students in various sporting activities.