Chandra-High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

The Chandra High performance computing cluster (HPC)  provides a powerful computing platform for research in engineering and physical sciences. This system has been operational since June 2017. The HPC consists of 64 compute nodes, each with a dual 12-core Intel processor. Each core runs at 2.2 GHz and has 4 GB of RAM per core. The HPC is one of the first systems in India to use a 100 Gbps high-speed OmniPath interconnect from Intel. The system provides about 54 TFlops of computing power. Chandra also accesses 100 TB of disk space setup as a parallel file system running Lustre from Intel.



The HPC is used by faculty, research staff and students at IIT Palakkad to investigate  complex research problems in science and engineering.

  • Understanding and designing materials with novel physical properties by performing atomistic quantum mechanical simulations.
  • Design of nanoscale transistors for next generation electronic applications.
  • Design of novel bio-molecules with applications in medicine.
  • Design of large structures such as bridges and buildings.
  • Performing computational fluid dynamic simulations
  • Understanding the process of heat transfer in complex systems such as engines.
  • Solving non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum Hamiltonians


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