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Dr. Divya P. V.
Associate Professor
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Geotechnical Engg. and Geoenvironmental Engg: https://icsr.iitpkd.ac.in/sites/default/files/WEB%20CV%20%28Divya%29.pdf

1) Geosynthetics, Reinforced Soil Structures & Ground Improvement

  •         -- Geosynthetics in various geotechnical applications
  •         -- Soil stabilization and slope protection
  •         -- Reinforced soil walls, foundations & Embankments
  •         -- Problematic soils and problematic conditions

2) Rainfall Induced Landslides and Mitigation Measures

  •         -- Resilient reinforced soil structures
  •         -- Instrumentation and field monitoring

3) Green Geotechnics: Sustainable Practices

  •         -- Landfills & waste containment systems
  •         -- Bulk utilization of potential waste materials in geotechnical applications

4) Centrifuge Modelling and Application of Image Analysis

  •         -- 1g and Ng modelling Techniques, Digital Image Cross-Correlation
Research Group

Musaib Ahmed (2019; PhD: Ongoing): Area of Research: Rainfall induced landslides in residual lateritic soil slopes

Anand Praveen (2020: PhD: Ongoing) : Bioengineering for landslide mitigation

Sumy Sebastain (2020; MS: Ongoing): Area of Research: Coir geotextiles in unsaturated lateritic soil

Vibha S. (2018, MS: Completed) : Performance of mechanically stabilized earth structures with marginal backfills at the onset of rainfall infiltration

Dhanya K.A. (2018: PhD: Ongoing) : Hydro-mechanical behaviour of geosynthetic reinforced MSE structures with marginal lateritic backfills

Rajesh Kumar Meena (2018): Geosynthetic reinforced soil walls with construction and demolition waste backfills

Parag Gaikwad (2018): Failure mechanism of group of stone columns in clay under a railway embankment


Projects Guided:

  • -- Behaviour of Geosynthetic Encased CCD Stone Columns
  • -- Mitigation of rainfall induced slope failures in residual lateritic soil slopes
  • -- Numerical studies on slope failure mitigation by using Soil Nails - A case study
  • -- Performance evaluation of bentonite amended coal ash as a landfill barrier
  • -- Stabilization of expansive clay blended with RHA and lime
  • -- Load settlement characteristics of foundation on geogrid reinforced clay
  • -- Bearing capacity and settlement of coir braided geogrid and geocell reinforced soil
Research Area
Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering
Geosynthetics and Reinforced soil structures
Rainfall induced slope failures and landslide mitigation
Ground Improvement
Reinforced earth walls and embankments
Centrifuge Modelling and Image analysis
Additional Information

CE 5002: Applied Soil Mechanics (PG)

CE 5604: Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures (PG)

CE 5607: Ground Improvement (PG)

CE 5007:Soil Engineering (PG)

CE 4504: Ground Improvement and Reinforced Soil (UG)

CE 3350: Geotechnical Engineering (UG)

CE 2060: Geology and Soil Mechanics (UG)

CE 3410: Construction Materials Lab (with Dr. Madhu, Dr. Anil and Dr. Sudheesh) (UG)

CE 2050: Building Drawing (with Dr. Anil) (UG)

Sponsored Research Projects

1. Divya P.V. (PI): Resilient reinforced soil structures for the sustainable stabilization of steep slopes and Landslide mitigation measures (2021-2024): 74.9 Lakhs (In Progress)

2. Divya P.V. (PI): Instrumentation and real-time monitoring of MSE walls with marginal backfills under seasonal variations: Recycling C&D waste including non-concrete part for geotechnical engineering applications (2021-2024): Amount: 66.84 Lakhs (In Progress)

3. Divya P.V. (PI): Performance of mechanically stabilized reinforced soil structures with locally available marginal lateritic backfills at the onset of rainfall infiltration (2020-2022): 11.05 Lakhs (In Progress)

4. Divya P.V. (PI): Studies on the performance of coir geotextile reinforced unsaturated lateritic soil embankments under seasonal variations: 25.32 Lakhs (In Progress)

Recent Publications

Anita A, Karthika S, DIvya P.V
Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, ASCE. 27 (2) 04022047(1 -13) (2022)
Dhanya K.A, Vibha. S and Divya P.V
Indian Geotechnical Journal, Springer https://rdcu.be/cUAgp (2022)
Anjima C.S. and Divya P.V.
International conference on transportation geotechnics, Geo Tans-2022 (2022)
Vibha S. and Divya P.V
International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Taylor & Francis. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/19386362.2022.2065954 (2022)
Dhanya K.A. and Divya P.V.
ASCE Geotechnical Special Publication GSP 331, ASCE. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1061/9780784484012.061 (2022)