Institute Clinic

Driven by an enhanced understanding of health and its profound influence on learning, the institute has taken a significant step in establishing the Institute Clinic. Functioning as the core medical facility on campus, the center efficiently caters to the growing medical needs of the institute while actively promoting healthy lifestyles. The Institute Clinic plays a crucial role in supporting the academic mission.

Serving as the pulsating heart of the institute, the Clinic offers a range of services, from treating various diseases to providing prompt first aid for the injured. Day-to-day health issues are addressed with care, and routine ailment medicines are provided free of charge. To meet the increasing demands of the campus community, the Clinic has appointed a Medical Officer and a Staff Nurse for general consultations and daytime treatment.

Dedicated to serving the institute community, including students, employees, their dependents, and Institute Guests, the Institute Clinic at the Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad offers comprehensive health services. These services encompass Outpatient, Day Care, Trauma, and Emergency Care. The Clinic is well-equipped with daycare facilities such as Nebulization, Oxygen Inhalation, Intravenous Fluid Infusion, and E.C.G. Additionally, the Clinic conducts minor surgical procedures, such as wound dressing, suturing, and incision and drainage procedures in its well-equipped dressing room.

The primary mission of the Institute Clinic is to promote the health and well-being of the campus community by delivering high-quality preventive, educational, and treatment services. By facilitating a healthy environment, the Clinic aims to minimize disruptions caused by injuries and illnesses, enabling individuals to stay healthy or recover effectively.

Respecting individual needs, privacy, and confidentiality, the Institute Clinic strives to enhance the healthcare experience of the IIT Palakkad campus community. Embracing modern and cost-effective techniques and technologies, the Clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality healthcare services to its faculty, employees, and students.


 Apart from these, we also join hands with several nearby hospitals to cater to the basic needs of our faculty, staff, and their families, and students on a cashless basis.

  •  Ahalia Diabetes Hospital, AhaliaCampus, Kozhippara, Palakkad.
  •  Athani Hospital, Nattukal -Athicode Road, Nattukal P.O, Chittur, Palakkad.
  •  Malabar Hospital, NH 47, near Yakkara Bridge, Kenathuparambu, Kunathurmedu, Palakkad.
  •  Thangam Hospital, Chadanamkurussi, West Yakkara, Palakkad.
  •  Image-Avitis Clinic, Kanjikode
  •  Trinity Eye Hospital, Fort Maidan, Palakkad (Ophthalmology)
  •  Lakshmi Hospital, Chittur Road, Palakkad (Cardiology)
  • Palakkad Institute Of Medical Sciences, Opp Deer Park, Walayar,Palakkad



 Room Number:101,Bageshri Block, Nila Campus




 Contact Information

 Medical Officer

 Indian Institute of Technology -Palakkad

 Bageshri Hostel, Room 101

 Nila Campus,Kanjikode

 Phone no: 04923226530

 Mob No: 9188401911

For Ambulance Call : 9645617267