Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad was established in the academic year 2015-16 and Civil Engineering (CE) has been part of the institute since its inception. Over the years, the discipline has developed in terms of academics, research, R & D projects, industry collaboration and laboratory development.  The discipline integrates comprehensive areas including Building Materials and Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering.  The academic programmes include curriculum in B. Tech, M.S. and Ph.D. Recently, an M.Tech program was inaugurated in the area of Geotechnical Engineering. Civil Engineering discipline in IIT Palakkad accentuates the intense realization of fundamental principles, emphasizes on expanding the analytical ability and develops the practical sense to deal with the real-life problems in Civil Engineering.

Faculty: Dr. Athira P, Dr. B. K. Bhavathrathan, Dr. C. V. Veena Venudharan, Dr. Divya P. V., Dr. Gokulnath C, Dr. M. V. Anil Kumar, Dr. Madhu Karthik M., Dr. Praveena Gangadharan, Dr. Rakesh J Pillai, Dr. S.M.Shiva Nagendra, Dr. Sanjukta Chakraborty, Dr. Sarmistha Singh, Dr. Senthilkumar V, Dr. Subhasis Mitra, Dr. Sudheesh T. K., Dr. Sunitha K Nayar, Prof. Tom V Mathew, Dr. Balaji Narasimhan

B.Tech in Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering is one of the four B.Tech disciplines that has been in existence in IIT Palakkad, since it opened its doors in August 2015. The faculty in Civil Engineering have academic training from various reputed institutes in India and abroad. The diverse background of the faculty helps to bring in different perspectives to teaching and research to the students in Civil Engineering.


M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering: The major objective of the program is to train and prepare students for a career in Geotechnical Engineering in accordance with the current industrial needs. It is also intended that the programme develops a passion and a firm base for research at doctoral level. The program offers courses in various specialised areas of Geotechnical Engineering, such as soil mechanics, geotechnical investigation, foundation engineering, ground improvement techniques, environmental geotechnics, slope stabilisation, retaining structures, and soil dynamics, to name a few. The course work is broadly divided into core and elective courses. While the core courses are meant to provide a solid foundation to the M.Tech. students in Geotechnical Engineering, the elective courses offer the students the flexibility to choose courses that best suit their future career aspirations. The elective courses include advanced topics that are relevant to current industry requirements. The program has also been planned meticulously to have a good blend of theory and practice, wherein, in addition to the theory courses, students are exposed to experimental methods and the computational/modelling aspects of geotechnical analysis and design.

Faculty in Geotechnical engineering specialization: Dr. Divya P. V., Dr. Rakesh J Pillai, Dr. Sudheesh T. K.


M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D: The different areas in which the research programs are offered include  Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Building Materials and Construction Management, Transportation Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Teaching Labs: Large Infrastructure Testing Laboratory, Construction Material Testing Laboratory, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Water Resources Engineering Laboratory


Syllabus of CE Courses