Two phenomenally successful editions down the line, Petrichor, the techno-cultural fest of IIT Palakkad, is all pumped up to bring even more in its third edition. In line with its literal meaning, Petrichor aims to break the loop of monotony that everyday life has to offer and celebrate the new dawns that await us.

Considering that Petrichor is only two years old, and counting, the participation has been simply spectacular with a footfall of over 3000! And we are tirelessly working towards uplifting the standards as we come back only ever stronger with a plethora of technical and cultural events, alongside brainstorming workshops and mesmerizing ProShows. Moreover, we feel pride in sharing with you that Petrichor also serves to uplift the local community around our campus through novel technical solutions conceptualized and implemented by Petrichor’s dedicated social initiatives team.

And during these testing times, our hearts and prayers go out to all the front-line warriors and their families who are fighting for our most valuable wealth - our health. All of us are going through a tough time now and everyone needs hope and help. And with regards to this impromptu and unprecedented global catastrophe, we saw fit to organize the next Petrichor fest on the theme of ‘evolution’. No matter how difficult the circumstances have been in past, humanity has always found a way to evolve into a better species and overcome the most excruciating of challenges and accomplish what could never have been imagined before. We firmly believe that the global pandemic will be history soon and all of us will come out victorious. And we wish that Petrichor’21 will be an emblem of hope and a symbol of the will and determination of the humankind to survive through whatever challenges come their way. With this, we wish you, the reader, the best of your health and we hope to see you at our campus on Petrichor and share some motivating experiences and a wonderful time together! Ciao!