Petrichor'24 is to take place on January 27th and 28th at IIT Palakkad. This year, we're embracing a new theme, "Metamorphosis - Unfolding Wings into Infinity," signifying a transformative journey as we embark on a new chapter with our expanded campus. This year, Petrichor promises a fusion of technology and culture like never before.

The cultural extravaganza awaits, featuring captivating writing competitions, cook-offs, dazzling fashion shows, dance-offs, and music. Tech enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a world of innovation with epic battles in Robo-Wars, witness Maze Solving Robots, and experience the Drone Racing Challenge and many more events.

Knowledge takes center stage with a series of workshops covering Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Startup and Entrepreneurship, and more. Petrichor'24 offers a chance to learn from top professors and stay ahead in the tech world!

The highlight of the event is the musical night, where attendees can groove to the beats of Pineapple Express and experience the melodious tunes of Lohar.

Mark your calendars for 27th and 28th January, as Petrichor'24 unfolds its wings into infinite possibilities of knowledge, culture, and fun. Join us in this celebration, where every moment captures the true spirit of Petrichor. See you there! For more details, visit