Physics - Research

The Discipline of Physics at IIT Palakkad engages in research in the forefront of experimental and theoretical physics. The research interests and expertise of the members of the Discipline cover a wide range of areas.

Astrophysics: Dr. Projjwal Banerjee

Experimental Biophysics: Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Dr. Jayakumar Balakrishnan, Dr. Soham Manni, Dr. Moumita Nandi

High Energy Physics and String Theory: Dr. Prithvi Narayan P.

Statistical Physics: Prof. Sunil Kumar P. B., Dr. Vishwas Venkatesh

Quantum Physics: Dr. Kusum Dhochak, Dr. Uma Divakaran, Dr. Amit Kumar Pal

PhD Students: Aathira Murali, Revathy B. S., Diljith T., Ranjuna M. K. , Siji S. Saju, Jeena S. K., Manju C., Swathi T. S., Reshna Elsa Philip, Asha Ann Abraham, Nikhil Joseph Joy, Shivakrishna P., Shivadas P., Indrajit Bhattacharjee, Jithin G. Krishnan

Project JRFs: Harikrishnan K. J., Surabhi R S

PostDocs: Nisha Gupta

Staff: Lidhiyal Leena A., Veena P., Karthikeyan M.

    Research Labs: For conducting advanced research, IIT Palakkad has set-up different central facilities namely Chandra High-Performance Computing Cluster, Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) and Central Micro Fabrication Facility (CMFF), Central facilities in Materials and Manufacturing, and Data Mining. This facility houses state-of-the-art equipments like XRD, SEM with e-beam lithography attachment, Mask Aligner, Raman spectrophotometer, 12 T VTI (base temp: 300mK), Sputtering system, Glovebox, Furnaces (tube and box, arc melting etc) of different working temperature ranges.

    Events: The  Discipline hosts regular research seminars and colloquia in order to expose the students to the state-of-the-art in research topics.  Also, a series of in-house seminars on topics of interest to the Discipline members are conducted. For details on the upcoming research seminars and colloquia, visit our  Discipline of Physics Webpage.