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Dr. Prithvi Narayan P
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My area of research is in quantum field theories (QFTs) and string theory. I am particularly interested in strongly coupled QFTs and in the various approaches to understand it.

One approach is to focus on exactly solvable QFTs (typically low dimensional) or partially solvable highly symmetric QFTs.  In this context, I have worked on Supersymmetric QFTs and Sachdev Ye Kitaev models.

Another approach is to exploit the AdS/CFT duality which maps certain strongly coupled QFTs to classical gravity (and more generically to string theory). In this context, I have worked on understanding some universal properties of strongly coupled QFTs.


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3. Introduction to Special Relativity

Research Area
Quantum Field Theory, String Theory

Recent Publications

Prithvi NarayanJunggi Yoon
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Journal of High Energy Physics 2018 (08) 192 (2018)
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