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Dr. Uma Divakaran
Asst. Professor
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PhD, IIT Kanpur (2010)

Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral fellow, Saarland University, Germany (2010)

INSPIRE Faculty, IIT Kanpur (2013)

UGC Assistant Professor, Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences  (2015)

Assistant Professor, IIT Palakkad, since June 2016




  • Condensed Matter Physics-1, 2015-16 Semester 2, CBS, Mumbai
  • Mechanics (B. Tech 1st Year)
  •  Electrodynamics (B.Tech 1st Year)
  • UG Lab (B. Tech 1st Year)
  • Statistical Mechanics (M.Sc.)
  • Quantum Mechanics for Engineers (B.Tech elective)
Research Group
  • Revathy B. S. (July 2017 onwards)
  • Manju C         (January 2020 onwards )
Research Area
Non-equilibrium dynamics
Quantum phase transitions
Quantum Information

Recent Publications

Yash Chugh, Kusum Dhochak, Uma Divakaran, Prithvi Narayan and Amit K Pal
Phys. Rev. E 106 (2) 024114 (2022)
Revathy B. S, Victor Mukherjee and Uma Divakaran
Entropy 24 (10) 1458 (2022)
Victor Mukherjee, Uma Divakaran
ournal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 454001 (2021)
Revathy B. S., Victor Mukherjee, Uma Divakaran and Adolfo del Campo
Physical Review Research (Editors' Suggestion) 2 043247 (2020)
Revathy B.S. and Uma Divakaran
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2020 023108 (2020)