YourDost workshop on Time Management & Handling Procrastination receives a good turnout at IIT-PKD

Wed, 23rd Nov, 2022 - 12:00 am

YourDost, the online counseling agency partnering IIT Palakkad conducted a workshop for the Institute community this afternoon at Ahalia Auditorium. Psychologist Ms. Akhila Theresa Mathew engaged the audience in thinking about the steps of Planning, Getting started and Execution in relation to major tasks they are grappling with or have grappled with in the past. Describing Procrastination as 'voluntarily delaying or putting aside work, even when aware of the negative consequences of doing that', she walked them through understanding procrastination better - regulating the underlying emotions, reflecting on the nature of the task, deeper feelings related to the task or being stuck in a loop of quick rewards. She then went on to suggest ways and means to handle and overcome this self-defeating behaviour.