Computer Science and Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad is one of the most sought after discipline which offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The CSE envision to impart knowledge across depth and breadth of computer science and engineering. Unlike most contemporary CS programs, we introduce students to state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and High Performance Computing through well designed courses in early semesters and encourage innovation through projects using these technologies. Our  programs build a strong foundation in students and prepare them for both cutting edge technology industry jobs and higher education. We witness very high percentage in placements every year. Many of our students are pursuing higher education from top class universities in the US and Europe.

Undergraduate Program:
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Graduate Programs:

Master of Science (Research) in Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech in Computing and Mathematics (MCaM)
M.Tech in System on Chip Design (SoCD) in collaboration with Electrical Engineering
M.Tech in Data Science in collaboration with the Centre for Research and Education in Data Science (CREDS) IIT Palakkad.
Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering

Research at CSE IIT Palakkad

The core research areas and subareas of CSE stream are listed below

  Theoretical Computer Science - Research areas include combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms, data structures, type theory, logic and complexity theory.   

     Systems and Software - Research areas include computer architecture, operating systems, compilers and programming languages, cyber security, IoT, software engineering, distributed systems,       performance analysis and high performance computing.

     Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Research areas include Bayesian learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, Kernel learning, Privacy aware learning.

The CSE faculty members are active in research and continuously engage with industry and academia around the globe. There are active research collaborations with world class Universities such as Nanyang technological University Singapore, University of Alberta Canada, Aalto University Finland, University of South Brittany France and University of Bologna Italy.



Albert Sunny

Chandra Shekar Laxminarayanan

Deepak Rajendraprasad

Jasine Babu

Krithika Ramaswamy

Mrinal Kanti Das

Piyush P Kurur

Sahely Bhadra

Sandeep Chadran

Satyajit Das

Unnikrishnan C​heramangalath

Vivek Chaturvedi