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Dr. Satyajit Das
Assistant Professor
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Satyajit Das is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Palakkad. He received his joint Ph.D. degree from University of South Brittany (UBS), France, and University of Bologna (UniBo), Italy. Prior to joining IIT Palakkad, he was a postdoctoral fellow at LabSTICC, UBS.


His research spans the areas of architecture, methods, and tools for embedded systems, including CGRAs, custom processors, multi-cores, high-level synthesis, and compilers. The main focus of Dr. Das's research is to implement highly energy efficient solutions for digital architectures in the domain of heterogeneous and reconfigurable multi-core System on Chips (SoCs). This includes architectures, design implementation strategies, runtime, and compilation support.


CS5509 - Embedded Systems

CS5613 - Cryptography

CS2610 - Computer Organization Lab

CS5104 - Big Data Analytics

CS5102 - System on Chip Design

CS5620 - Computer Vision

 NPTEL (noc22-cs83) - Applied Accelerated Artificial Intelligence

Research Area
Systems for AI, Computer Architecture
Low Power Design
Reconfigurable Computing
Digital Architecture
High Level Synthesis
Additional Information
Sponsored Projects

Dec 2020 - Funding received from the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India under the scheme of Startup Research Grant (SRG)

Title Energy-Efficient Multicore Programmable Accelerator for ULP massive edge computing

Funding Amount - INR 16,24,980 for 2 years

Role - Principal Investigator (PI)


Dec 2020 - IPTIF

Title Cyber-Physical Systems in Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence for Smart Agriculture 

Funding for 5 years

Role - Principal Investigator (PI)


Dec 2020 - Naval Research Board

Title Ocean Acoustic Data Archival and Analytics Framework

Funding for 2 years

Role - Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI)

Consultancy Project

Research Cluster for Artificial Intelligence - Multicoreware Academia Global Innovation Centre (MAGIC) - Multicoreware

Role - Principal Investigator

PhD Students

Chilankamol Sunny, 2020 - present [IIT Palakkad] - "Energy Efficient Loop Acceleration on CGRAs"

Christie Sajitha, 2022 - present [IIT Palakkad, University of South Brittany, France] - "Energy Efficient Multi-core Programmable Accelerator for ULP massive edge computing"

Shine Parekkadan Sunny, 2020 - present [IIT Palakkad] - "Low Power and High-Throughput Accelerator Architectures for DNNs"

Bijin Elsa Baby,  2021 - present [IIT Palakkad] - "Ultra Low Power Software Hardware Approach for Edge Vision"

M.S. Students

Parvathy Ramakrishnan P - "Novel DataFrame Design for Big Data Applications"

Anju Rose P - "Low Power Architecture Model support for CGRAs Coupled with In-Memory Processing"

B.Tech Students

Alenkruth Murali, Crypto extension of RISCV ISA

Now Ph.D. student at University of Virginia 


CREDS Inaugural Symposium - Kerala, India, Feb 22, 2020: Speaker, Organiser

ICASSP 2020 - Barcelona, May 4 - 8, 2020: Session Chair

SiPS 2020 - Virtual conference, 20-22 October 2020: Special Session Chair

PAKDD 2021 - Workshop on Smart and Precise Agriculture: Organizing Committee 

SiPS 2021 - Program Committee Member

HiPC 2021 - Program Committee Member

AI Siksha on "Accelerated AI" 2022 - Instructor


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Das, S., Rossi, D., Martin, K., Coussy, P., & Benini, L. (2017). A 142MOPS/mW integrated programmable array accelerator for smart visual processing. In 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) (pp. 1–4).

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Das, S., Martin, K., Peyret, T., & Coussy, P. (2016). Introduction d'aléas dans le processus de projection d'applications sur CGRA. In Conférence d’informatique en Parallélisme, Architecture et Syst\`eme (COMPAS 2016).

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Das, S., Martin, K., & Coussy, P. (2019). Prise en compte de la contrainte de mémoire de programme dans un flot de compilation pour CGRAJournal is required!.

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Jain, H., Rathore, S., Rahoof, T., Chaturvedi, V., & Das, S. (2020). Fast and Efficient Decision-Based Attack for Deep Neural Network on Edge. In 2020 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) (pp. 1–6).

Prasad, R., Das, S., Martin, K., & Coussy, P. (2021). Floating Point CGRA based Ultra-Low Power DSP Accelerator. Journal of Signal Processing Systems, 1–13.

Recent Publications

Rohit Prasad, Satyajit Das, Kevin J. M. Martin & Philippe Coussy
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Satyajit Das, Rohit Prasad, Kevin JM Martin, Philippe Coussy
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Rohit Prasad, Satyajit Das, Kevin Martin, Giuseppe Tagliavini, Philippe Coussy, Luca Benini and Davide Rossi
Proceedings of Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE). IEEE, 2020 ACCEPTED (2020)
Satyajit Das, Kevin JM Martin, Davide Rossi, Philippe Coussy, Luca Benini
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Satyajit Das, Kevin Martin, Philippe Coussy
In Poceedings of Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE), 2019 1 (1) 336-341 (2019)