Humanities & Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad is committed to active engagement in teaching, research and outreach activities. With its focus on interdisciplinary dialogues in humanities and social sciences, the Department carries out research and teaching in emerging fields of enquiries in behavioural and social sciences. The undergraduate courses offered by the Department focus on keeping students abreast of the social, ethical, economic, environmental, cultural and humanitarian concerns that shape their development as socially conscious global citizens. The wide range of courses offered by the Department are designed to enable students to appreciate and engage with the social and economic context relevant to the engineering problems, and to frame questions and formulate solutions that are in harmony with human experience. The department  offers PhD programmes in Economics, English, Linguistics and Philosophy.

Faculty: Dr. Amrita Roy, Dr. Anoop George, Dr. Reenu Punnoose, Dr. Sujatha G

PhD: The Department offers a PhD programme in the broad disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, and offers a range of undergraduate courses to the students of technology studies from the disciplines of Philosophy, Economics, Culture Studies and Linguistics.

Syllabus of HSS Courses