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Mr. Jibin Boban
Research Scholar
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Phd Supervisor
Research Area
Electrical Discharge Machining
Additive Manufacturing
Deep hole drilling
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Additional Information

PhD scholar in Mechanical Engineering

Specialization in Manufacturing Engineering

2018 July Batch

Research Publications
  1. Boban, J. and Ahmed, A., 2021. Improving the surface integrity and mechanical properties of additive manufactured stainless steel components by wire electrical discharge polishing. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 291, p.117013.

  2. Boban, J., Ahmed, A., 2022. Electric discharge assisted post-processing performance of high strength-to-weight ratio alloys fabricated using metal additive manufacturing. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 39, 159-174.

  3. Boban, J., Ahmed, A., Jithinraj, E.K., Rahman, M.A. and Rahman, M., 2022. Polishing of additive manufactured metallic components: retrospect on existing methods and future prospects. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 121, 83-125.

  4. Ahmed, A., Boban, J., Rahman, M., 2021. Novel EDM deep hole drilling strategy using tubular electrode with orifice. CIRP Annals 70, 151-154.

  5. Boban, J., Ahmed, A., Assam, A., 2021. Effect of recirculation zone on debris evacuation during EDM deep hole drilling. Procedia CIRP, 102(C), pp.394-399

  6. Boban, J., Ahmed, A., Rahman, M.A. and Rahman, M., 2020. Wire electrical discharge polishing of additive manufactured metallic components. Procedia CIRP, 87, pp.321-326.