Samastha 2.0

Global Sanitation Center of Excellence (GSCOE) was established in Jan 2022 at Technology Innovation Foundation of IIT Palakkad (TECHIN). GSCOE is a center for collaborative and sustainable innovation, incubation, scaling manufacturing, skill development, training showcase and deployment of Sanitation solutions.

Website Design Contest

IIT Palakkad announces a national website design competition and invites designers to demonstrate their best creative website designs. Submissions are expected to consist of one design for the institute website and one design for a department website. The websites should possess an aesthetic look and feel with  good color combination, background, structure and layout. The layout and color pallete should blend well with the colors and character of the institute's logo.

Summer Internships 2022

IIT Palakkad's summer internship program aims at introducing undergraduate and postgraduate students to research so as to enthuse them, and to get them interested in a career in teaching and research. The program is for six-weeks (June 1st to July 15th 2022) and it combines hands-on research training with a variety of hardware and software analysis tools. Please check out the attachment for more details.