Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding


A fusion welding process which joins metals, using the heat of combustion of an oxygen /air and fuel gas (i.e. acetylene, hydrogen propane or butane) mixture is usually referred as ‘gas welding’. The intense heat (flame) thus melts and fuses together the edges of the parts to be welded, generally with the addition of a filler metal. The fuel gas generally employed is acetylene; however gasses other than acetylene can also be used. Acetylene is mixed with oxygen in correct proportions in the welding torch and ignited. The flame resulting at the tip of the torch is sufficiently hot to melt and join the parent metal (metal to be welded). The oxy-acetylene flame reaches a temperature of about 3300°C and thus can melt most of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals in common use. A filler metal rod or welding rod is generally added to the molten metal pool to build up the seam slightly for greater strength.

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