Post Graduation Certification in Cyber Security

Amplify growth in the ever-growing digital age that sparks the volume of attacks and nature of cyber threats. Now eradicate these prominent cyber heists with India's leading IITs, IIT Palakkad- Post Graduation Certification in Cyber Security. This new age cyber security programme is opportune; ever-increasing cyber threats to businesses and government bodies. Professionals must know their way around cybersecurity measures and develop a plan to defend their businesses, online organisations, and personal devices. The Post Graduation Certification in Cyber Security gives exposure to hands-on practices in malware analysis by using sandboxes for static and dynamic analysis. Learn in-depth to analyse network traffic, network, and system logs using security information and events monitoring systems. The holistic pedagogy includes technical and policy aspects of cyber security, insight on cryptography, malware analysis, network traffic analysis, emerging threat analysis and much more.

  • Program name:  Post Graduation Certification in Cyber Security
  • Service Provider: Jaro Education
  • Programme Chair: Dr. Satyajit Das
  • Guest Industry Expert: Dr.Vishal Saraswat
  • Programme Faculty: Dr. Srimanta Bhattacharya
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