Internal Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment

The following committee is constituted to go into and recommend necessary steps with regard to complaints on sexual harassment and to address issues related to Prevention, Prohibition and Reddressal of such complaints:

Prof. Enakshi Bhattacharya
Professor, Electrical Engineering,
IIT Madras(Mentor Institute of IIT Palakkad)
Dr. Lekshmi B
Chief Medical Officer,
Ahalia Women and Children Hospital, Palakkad
Dr. Parvathy Warrier
Prof. & Head(Retd),
Dept. of English,
Mercy College, Palakkad
Dr. Sudheesh T.K
Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad
Dr. Lakshmi Sanker
Asst. Professor, IIT Palakkad
Prof. Job Kurian
Professor & Registrar in Charge,
IIT Palakkad
Ex-Officio Member

Dean (Students), Student General Secretary and Ladies Hostel Secretary will also be included as members in case the victim or alleged perpetrator is a student