Auditorium, Ahalia Campus

Constitution Day

To mark the solemn occasion of Constitution Day, November 26,  a reading of the Preamble at Ahalia Auditorium, Academic Block will be organised at 11 am. Members of the Institute community are invited to attend.

YourDost workshop on Time Management & Handling Procrastination receives a good turnout at IIT-PKD

YourDost, the online counseling agency partnering IIT Palakkad conducted a workshop for the Institute community this afternoon at Ahalia Auditorium. Psychologist Ms. Akhila Theresa Mathew engaged the audience in thinking about the steps of Planning, Getting started and Execution in relation to major tasks they are grappling with or have grappled with in the past.

English Creative Writing Competition 'Inkeption'

Literary Arts Society IIT Palakkad conducting English Creative Writing Competition 'Inkeption' based on Dreams.This would be an Offline Writing Event, which would be conducted this Sunday 6th November 2022.
The venue: Ahalia Auditorium
Timings: 2-6 PM.
The prompts would be given on the spot. Participants can write either a story or poem based on the respective prompts. Fill out this form to participate in this event.

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