Research Talk on Demystifying Causality by Dr. P G Madhavan

Dr. PG Madhavan
Wed, 30th Nov, 2022 3:30 amAdd to Calendar 2022-11-30 03:30:23 2022-11-30 03:30:23 Title Description Location IIT Palakkad UTC public
Wed, 30th Nov, 2022 4:30 pm

Dr. PG Madhavan, an industry expert on Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin, Data Science and Causality, will be giving a research talk on “Demystifying Causality”.The details of the talk are given below.

  • Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022
  • Time: 3.30 PM to 4:30 PM
  • Venue: Auditorium, Ahalia Campus



In this talk, the speaker will be discussing on the concept of Causal Machine Learning (Causal Analytics) with the following questions in mind:

Q1: How causality really works,

Q2: How to measure it and

Q3: How it relates to IoT Digital Twins.

Through the talk, it will be discussed how Causal ML will not make Statistical ML superfluous, but will add a new and necessary dimension to ML when it comes to performance improvement in Industrial, Healthcare, Consumer settings.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. PG Madhavan is a Signal Processing expert working on Data Science for the last 20+ years. His recent book is “Data Science for IoT Engineers” (Jan, 2022). His career includes experiences as a university professor, corporate researcher, executive and startup entrepreneur. More professional information is available at these sites: