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Dr. Abdul Rasheed P
DBT Ramalingaswami Fellow
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  • PhD in Nanoscience and Technology: School of Nanoscience and Technology, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India (2015)           
  • M.Tech in Nanomedical Sciences: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, India
  • B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering: Calicut University, Kerala, India  

Research Experiences

  • Ramalingaswami Fellow @ IIT Palakkad from Sep 2021 onwards
  • Postdoctoral Researcher (Mar 2017 - Jan 2020): Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology division, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
  • Postdoctoral Researcher (Mar 2016 - Nov 2016): Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University, South Korea

Teaching Experiences

  • Assistant Professor in Biomedical engineering at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam, India (Dec 2020 to May 2021)
  • Assistant Professor in Biomedical engineering at Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, Kerala, India (Jun 2015 to Nov 2015)
  • Assistant Professor (adhoc) at School of Nanoscience and Technology, NIT Calicut, India (Jan 2015 to May 2015)

@IIT Palakkad:

BT2010: Life Science (B.Tech)

CY1040: Chemistry Lab (B.Tech)

Research Group

Ph.D. Student

Ankitha Menon, UGC JRF, jointly with Dr Dinesh Jagadeesan (Jan 2022-)

MSc Chemistry from Sree Sankara College, Kalady, 2019

Research Assistant

Vaishag P V (MSc Chemistry, 2020-22, Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad)



Research Assistant (Post-doc)

Arjun Ajith Mohan (March 2022-Jun 2022), PhD from NIT Calicut, 2021, Presently Postdoc at Old Dominion University, USA

Master Project Student

Shabana N (MSc Chemistry, 2020-22 batch, IIT Palakkad), Presently PhD scholar at National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Research Area
Biosensors, Early stage disease diagnosis, Wearable Bioelectronics, 2D Nanomaterials, MXenes, Electrochemistry
Additional Information
Funded Projects

1. Fabrication of low cost sensor devices for early detection of biomarkers related to neurological disorders using 2D nanomaterials, Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship, DBT, 40 lakhs, Sep 2021-Aug 2026, Role: PI. 

2. Fabrication of low-cost electrochemical sensor devices for the real-time detection of Tacrolimus from human samples, DST NidhiPrayas Prototyping Grant, 10 lakhs, Jun 2022- Jun 2023, Role: PI.

Selected Publications
  1. Recent Advances in Niobium MXenes: Synthesis, Properties, and Emerging Applications, P Abdul Rasheed*, Ravi P Pandey, Fawzi Banat, and Shadi W Hasan*, Matter (CellPress),2022, 5(2), 546-572 (IF=15.59)

  2. Platinum nanoparticles/Ti3C2Tx (MXene) composite for the effectual electrochemical sensing of Bisphenol A in aqueous media, P. Abdul Rasheed*, Ravi P.Pandey, Khadeeja A.Jabbar, Khaled A.Mahmoud* Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2021, 880, 114934 (IF=4.464)

  3. Effect of Sheet Size and Atomic Structure on the Antibacterial Activity of Nb-MXene Nanosheets, Ravi P. Pandey*, P. Abdul Rasheed*, Tricia Gomez et al. ACS Applied Nanomaterials, 2020, 3(11), 11372-11382 (* Equally contributed first authors) (IF=5.097).

  4. Nb-based MXenes for efficient electrochemical sensing of small biomolecules in the anodic potential, P. Abdul Rasheed et al, Electrochemistry Communications 2020, 119, 106811 (IF=4.724).

  5. One-step synthesis of an antimicrobial framework based on covalently cross-linked chitosan/ lignosulfonate (CS@LS) nanospheres, Ravi P. Pandey, K. Rasool, P. Abdul Rasheed et al. Green Chemistry, 2020, 22, 678- 687 (IF=10.182).

  6. Water treatment and environmental remediation applications of two-dimensional metal carbides (MXenes), K Rasool, RP Pandey, PA Rasheed, S Buczek, Y Gogotsi, KA Mahmoud, Materials Today 30 (2019), 80-102 (IF=31.04)

  7. Ultra-sensitive  electrocatalytic  detection  of  bromate  in  drinking  water  based  on  Nafion/Ti3C2Tx (MXene) modified glassy carbon electrode, P. Abdul Rasheed et al. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 265 (2018) 652–659 (IF=7.100).

  8. Reduced graphene oxide-yttria nanocomposite  modified  electrode  for  enhancing   the  sensitivity of electrochemical genosensor, P Abdul Rasheed et al., Biosensors and Bioelectronics 83 (2016) 361–367 (IF=10.257).

  9. Attomolar detection of BRCA1 gene based on gold nanoparticle assisted signal amplification, P Abdul Rasheed, N Sandhyarani, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 65 (2015)333–340. (IF=10.257)

  10. Graphene-DNA electrochemical sensor for the sensitive detection of BRCA1 gene, P Abdul Rasheed, N Sandhyarani. Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 204 (2014) 777–782. (IF =7.100)

Secondary Department

Recent Publications

Neermunda Shabana, Ajith Mohan Arjun, Menon Ankitha, P. Abdul Rasheed
Catalysis Communications 173 106566 (2023)
Menon Ankitha, Neermunda Shabana, Ajith Mohan Arjun, P Abdul Rasheed
Carbon Trends 9 100232 (2022)
AM Arjun, KK Garlapati, P Abdul Rasheed
CRC Press: Bioelectronics 221-235 (2022)
Arjun Ajith Mohan, Prasannakumari H Krishna, Nath R Anish and P Abdul Rasheed
Analytical Methods (2022)
Ravi P. Pandey, Mariam Ouda, P. Abdul Rasheed, Fawzi Banat & Shadi W. Hasan
npj Clean Water 5 44 (2022)