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Ms. Nayana EC
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  1. Govind, Gokul, E. C. Nayana, and Padmesh Anjukandi. "An account on the factors determining the extra stability of the β–hairpin from B1 domain of protein G." Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (2021): 1-7.
  2. Thadathil, Anjitha, Nayana Edavan Chathoth, Yahya A. Ismail, Padmesh Anjukandi, and Pradeepan Periyat. "Three-Dimensional Mesoporous Polyindole Architectures for Supercapacitor Applications." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2022).
  1. CY5005: Symmetry, Group Theory and Spectroscopy (MSc Chemistry) 
  2. CY1010: Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry(BTech)
  3. CY5103: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory (MSc Chemistry)
  4. CY5069: Advanced Quantum Chemistry (MSc Chemistry)
Research Area
Quantum mechanics
Molecular dynamics simulations
Mechanism of Protein folding
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