GSCOE of TECHIN's ‘Prabhaav| प्रभाव INNOVATION GRAND CHALLENGE’ kicks off

Sat, 28th Jan, 2023 - 12:00 am

Global Sanitation Center of Excellence(GSCOE) under Technology Innovation Foundation of IIT Palakkad(TECHIN) is hosting ‘Prabhaav| प्रभाव INNOVATION GRAND CHALLENGE’ focusing on Sanitation, Hygiene (Toilet, sewage treatment, septic tanks) and related thematic areas with the objective to foster/ nurture growing entrepreneurs in the country.

The event will run from January to May 2023 in hybrid mode with multiple in-person events across 4 South Indian cities Coimbatore (4th February 2023), Bengaluru (16th February 2023), Cochin (25th February 2023) and Chennai (4th March 2023) and 3 online events. This Prabhaav Grand Challenge will be a platform for integration and collaboration on technological advancement, business possibilities and impact generation through a holistic approach to sanitation for the overall welfare of society and the country. Each of the events online/offline will have talks and panel discussions on various sub themes, to help potential startups in this domain gain knowledge of sanitation and business in sanitation. Online events are half day sessions and offline events are full day sessions.

The links to join the events are on a Broadcast Mail/ LinkedIn