EML Lecture Presents a Spectacular Showcase of 7 Classical Dance Forms on One Stage

Wed, 20th Mar, 2024 - 06:30 pm

The latest Extra Mural Lecture – Natyotsavam took students on an enlightening journey through the rich history and culture of seven classical Indian dance forms. This EML lecture enlightened the institute community on the history and essence of seven classical dance forms, along with the live performances by eminent artists. From the graceful movements of Bharatanatyam to the vibrant rhythms of Kathak, each dance form showcased the pluralistic heritage of our nation.

The program was coordinated by "Natyavisarada" Smt. Kalpana Sreenivas. The audience was treated to captivating performances where each artist passionately narrated the cultural significance behind their art.

Bharatanatyam was gracefully performed by Ms. Prithvija Balagopalan, while Mohiniyattam was presented by Ms. Sandra Pisharody, followed by the Kathak performance of Mr. Hari and Ms. Chethana Hari. Dr. Bimbavati Devi enthralled with Manipuri, Ms. Shayomita Dasgupta entertained with an Odissi performance, and Ananya Talukdar performed Sattriya. Ms. Prajnana Dipika mesmerized the audience with her Kuchipudi performance.

The show concluded with all the artists tapping to the tune of "Vande Mataram," leaving the audience in awe.