Avinya Infinity Solutions Triumphs at National Startup Awards 2023 in NextGen Innovator Category

Mon, 15th Jan, 2024 - 06:30 pm

Avinya Infinity Solutions, incubated by the Technology Innovation Foundation of IIT Palakkad has won the National Startup Award 2023 in the NextGen Innovator Category! Avinya Infinity Solutions is dedicated to revolutionizing disinfection and sanitization. Their cutting-edge solutions aim to transform healthcare hygiene, making environments safer for everyone.

Avinya Infinity Solutions was founded by Mr.Arijit Majumdar and Mr. Brajgopal Chakraborty. The cutting-edge disinfection and sanitization products of Avinya include a Robot model that employs UV light and ultrasonic misting, a disinfection solution. Another innovation is a Wall Mounting Model with adjustable reflectors and ultrasonic misting. Ongoing efforts include developing a wireless cleaning bot for vacuuming and wet mopping for uniform distribution.

Congratulations to the talented minds at Avinya for this well-deserved recognition!