Agora Auditorium, Nila Campus

Research Scholars' Day (Day2) (2022-23)

To encourage a confluence of the latest development in the field of science and technology and to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas, the Research Scholars of IIT Palakkad take the initiative to organize Research Scholars' Day (RSD) at the Institute every academic year. The events at RSD include research talks by invited eminent researchers, Institute faculty, and research scholars to facilitate and encourage knowledge transfer and insightful discussions. This year (2022-23) marks the fifth edition of RSD.


My adventures in the ribosome

The ribosome is the ancient and enormous molecular machine that reads genetic information on mRNA to synthesize the proteins that are essential for all life. I will talk about my own efforts to determine the structure of the ribosome, and what we learned from it. I will also talk about my career path, which involved living in three continents and switching from physics to biology.

ARSH 2k22

The Cultural Council of IIT Palakkad is organising ARSH 2k22, the annual cultural night of  the Institute on the upcoming Saturday i.e. 19th November from 5:30 pm - 8:15 pm at Agora Auditorium, Nila Campus. The night will showcase performances from the cultural clubs. Student turnout in large numbers is expected to make it a grand success and help rejuvenate the vibrant atmosphere of the Institute. Curtain Call, the drama club of IIT Palakkad, will be on stage.

Painting Competition

A painting competition will be conducted on 11th of November, 2022. Paper will be provided while brush and color has to be brought by the competitors. All types of coloring materials can be used for painting. It is open for students, faculties and staff. There will be attractive prizes for the winners. Interested students can enter their details in the google form attached below.

Painting Exhibition

The exhibition will be conducted for three days i.e., on 9th, 10th, and 11th of November,2022 at Agora. It is open for students, faculties and staff. I will send you a detailed schedule in a few days. You are welcome to use paper or canvas board for the exhibition. But it is better to use canvas board as it would be convenient to showcase your painting. All types of coloring materials can be used for painting. If you are interested then kindly enter your details in the google form attached below.

B.Tech Orientation 2022-23

The Institute is delighted to have the 156 student strong B.Tech batch of the current academic year on campus. The batch will be the first to partake in a dynamic choice-based credit curriculum being implemented from this year onwards. While a standard course plan will be provided for students who so desire to complete all the credit requirements in 4 years,  each student is also free to modify it as they go.

Book Exhibition

As a part of the Happy Hour event, the institute library is organising a three-day book exhibition. The exhibition will cover books from all the subject areas, including literature and popular sciences. You can buy your personal copy on the spot at a discounted rate, and faculty members can recommend books for the library. All the faculty members(teachers), the students, and the staff members are cordially invited to see the book exhibition.


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