Mechanical Engineering

A structural member is shifted under a load to a certain extent, or deflected, which can be either an angle or a distance. The slope of the deflected shape of a part under a load directly affects the deflection distance of that member, which may be computed by integrating the function that mathematically defines that slope.

The term "photoelasticity" refers to variations in a material's optical characteristics caused by mechanical deformation. It is a characteristic of all dielectric media and is frequently used to empirically ascertain the stress distribution in a material, providing an image of stress distributions close to discontinuities in materials. For identifying essential stress locations in a material and for locating stress concentration in irregular geometries, photo elastic tests, also known as photoelasticity, are crucial tools.

Mechanical Engineering is a major discipline at IIT Palakkad that offers various programs at the UG and PG level. With a right balance of experienced and new faculty members ably supported by qualified staff, the discipline has a host of specialisations among the areas of mechanical engineering. Courses are offered at various levels with teaching methods being adapted to the target audience and  changing times. Laboratory facilities for both undergraduate, M.Tech and research students are equipped with the latest technologies.

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