Civil Engineering

This system is used to measure the saturated hydraulic conductivity of soils and has several advantages over conventional permeameters. Back pressure saturation is possible and the tests can be conducted at different normal stress values. Also the issues related to side wall leakage is not there in the case of flexible wall permeability system.

This facility includes fully computer controlled triaxial test apparatus, consolidation apparatus and direct shear apparatus. Using this facility the consolidation and shear strength parameters of all soil types can be determined with high accuracy using dedicated control systems and compatible software. Dedicated data acquisition systems with sensors are used to collect accurate data and the required graphs also can be plotted using the software.

This facility involves equipment like soil-geosynthetic interface shear resistance testing apparatus, geosynthetics pull-out equipment, transmissibility testing set-up along with other setups to test the properties of geosynthetics for different applications.

Automatic cyclic triaxial testing apparatus is capable of stress-controlled and strain controlled repeated loading under triaxial conditions on soil samples. Both one-way and two-way cyclic loading are possible using this setup. This facility will be useful to determine the dynamic properties and liquefaction potential of soil as well as to study the behavior of soil under repeated loading like traffic loading.

CRS testing system is useful to perform the consolidation test at a much reduced time than the conventional oedometer test. CRS test is a strain controlled test and the behaviour of soil samples at higher stress levels can be studied when compared to the stress controlled oedometer tests. Also, complete saturation of the samples is possible in CRS test by applying back pressure.

This device is used to measure the reflection of light from earth's surface. It consists of two pyranometers, one facing up towards the sky and one facing down towards the surface for its setup.

This saw can be used to cut concrete, asphalt and rock cores, and irregular rock samples in order to obtain geometrically defined samples.

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