Special lectures & Seminars

April 3, 2019 Prof. S. K. Satheesh, Professor, Centre for Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences & Director, Divecha Centre for Climate Change, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The mystery of light-absorbing aerosols and climate Infosys Prize Lecture
April 10, 2019 Mr. Ershad Abubacker, Royal Society of Chemistry. Workshop on Publishing by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK Workshop 
May 2, 2019 Prof. Roop Mallik Optical Tweezers and Nanoscale Biological Machines Infosys Prize Lecture
May 3, 2019 Prof. Sreelaja Nair, TIFR Mumbai Early Vertebrate Development: Busy Time At A Young Age Seminars
June 6, 2019 Dr. R. Venkataraghavan,  Senior Research Scientist at Unilever R&D Bangalore Making Safe Water Commonplace: Solutions through Science and Technology Seminar
June 7, 2019 Prof. Shaijumon, IISER Trivandrum 2-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Electrocatalysis Seminar
June 20, 2019 Dr. Bhalamurugan Sivaraman, PRL Ahmedabad Laboratory Astrochemistry Seminars