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Dr. Yugender Goud Kotagiri
Ramanujan Fellow
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RAMANUJAN FELLOW:  May 2022 to Present.


Postdoctoral Research Associate (December 2021 - May 2022) - Institute of Nanobiotechnology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.

Advisor:  Prof. Peter Searson

Postdoctoral Researcher (July 2018 - November 2021) - Nanoengineering Department, University of California San Diego, USA.

Advisor:  Prof. Joseph Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher (January 2018 - June 2018) - Air Quality & Materials Application Lab, Hanyang University, South Korea.

Advisor:  Prof. Ki-Hyun Kim

Erasmus Mundus Ph.D. (September 2015 - August 2017) - BAE Laboratory,

University of Perpignan, France.

Advisor:  Prof. Jean Louis Marty



Ph.D. in Chemistry (2017)

Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India  and Biosensors-Analyses-Environment Laboratory, University of Perpignan, France 

Advisors:  Prof. K V Gobi, Prof. Jean Louis Marty

Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry (2011)

Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Warangal, Telangana, India

Advisor: Prof. B. V. Appa Rao

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology (2009)

Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India



Our group research broadly focuses on fundamental and applied/engineering aspects of Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biosensors, and Energy (conversion and storage), with particular emphasis on the development of “Point of Care/Wearable Sensor Devices - Towards Biomedical, Environmental, Agriculture, Quality control and Security Applications”.

Our research efforts are highly multidisciplinary and combine expertise from nearly every traditional and emerging field of technical studies such as Electro-analytical Chemistry, nano-biotechnology, micro/nanoelectronics, micro/nanofabrication, hybrid-nanomaterials, 2D/3D printing, flexible & wearable sensing systems.​

Our envision is to design and develop translational laboratory ideas into viable portable/wearable sensing devices that can positively impact Agri/Food/Medical industries and our society.


  • Biosensors (Aptasensors, Immunosensors, Enzymatic sensors)

  • Wearable Sensors (Microneedle, Textile, Glove, Tattoo, Catheter, on-body sensors)

  • Electro-analytical Chemistry

  • Biomimetic Recognition Elements (MIP: Molecular Imprinted Polymers, MOF: Metal-Organic Frameworks)

  • Chemical Sensors (Hybrid Nanostructured Materials, Metal Nanoparticles, Polymer Nanocomposites, etc.)

  • Micro/Nanofabrication

  • Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs), Potentiometric Sensors

  • Energy Applications (Fuel Cells, Biofuel Cells)

  • Agriculture, Food, Security, Forensic, Environmental, and Biomedical sensing applications


The group research mainly focuses on five research wings: 

(i)    Rapid on-site detection of toxins (e.g., Organophosphates, Nerve agents, Mycotoxins, explosives, forensic drugs, illicit drugs, etc.) in agricultural fields/food products/ Drug trafficking-spots with the support of biomimetic synthetic recognition elements (MOF: Metal-organic Frameworks, MIP: Molecular Imprinted polymers).  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 43, 18261-18271

(ii)    Early detection/continuous monitoring of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of various chronic diseases drugs (e.g., Cancer, Diabetic, Parkinson, etc.) with wearable bio-sensing technologies (e.g., Microneedle, Tattoo, Mouthguard, Toothbrush sensors, etc.).  ACS Sens. 2019, 4, 8, 2196-2204

(iii)    Detection of environmental toxic chemicals (e.g., Heavy metal ions, Volatile organic compounds, Inorganic ions, etc.) with the aid of hybrid metal nanocomposites, biomimetic recognition elements, and ion-selective membranes.  Biosensors and Bioelectronics 182 (2021) 113172

(iv)    Rapid screening of various viral infectious diseases (e.g., Dengue, H1N1, COVID19, etc.) with disposable biosensing (e.g., Immuno, Enzyme, Aptamers, etc.) systems. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 180 (2021) 113112

(v)    Enzymatic biofuel cells - create electrical energy from biofuels (i.e., glucose, fructose, lactose, ethanol, pyruvate, and lactate) with the utilization of biologically renewable catalysts (e.g., Glucose oxidase, cellobiose dehydrogenase, Laccase, bilirubin oxidase, etc.)
Chem. Rev. 2020, 120, 23, 12903-12993

Research Group

Postdoctoral Fellows

Shekher Kummari, Research Assistant (Postdoc), Since July 2022

Ph.D. in Electroanalytical Chemistry from NIT Warangal, Telangana

Email: prj157@iitpkd.ac.in


Doctoral Students

Lakshmi R Panicker, Since August 2022

M.Sc. in Chemistry from Govt Victoria College Palakkad - University of Calicut, Kerala.

Email: 202214005@smail.iitpkd.ac.in 



Research Area
Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biosensors, Wearable Sensors
Energy Applications, Nanofabrication
Additional Information

Green MIP-202(Zr) Catalyst: Degradation and Thermally Robust Biomimetic Sensing of Nerve Agents

Samar Singh Sandhu, Yugender Goud Kotagiri#, P. U. Ashvin Iresh Fernando I., Mark Kalaj, Hazhir Teymourian,

Steven P. Harvey,  Seth M. Cohen, Lee C. Moores, Joseph Wanga*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 43, 18261–18271                                                                              (IF 15.419)


Wearable textile-based all-solid-state fluoride sensor: Application toward the detection of G-type nerve agents

K Yugender Goud, Samar S. Sandhu, Hazhir Teymourian, Lu Yin, Lee C. Moores, Steven P. Harvey, Joseph Wang

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 182 (2021) 113172                                                                          (IF 10.257)


Electrochemical Diagnostics of Infectious Viral Diseases: Trends and Challenges

K Yugender Goud*, K Koteshwara Reddy, Ahmed Khorshed, V Sunil Kumar, Rupesh K Mishra, Hern Kim, K V Gobi     

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 180 (2021) 113112                                                                           (IF 10.257)


Continuous opioid monitoring along with nerve agents on a wearable microneedle sensor array

Rupesh, K. Mishra#, K. Yugender Goud#, Zhanhong Li, Mona Ali, Chochanon Moonla, Joseph Wang

Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS) (2020), 142, 13, 5991-5995                                    (IF 15.419)


Recent Trends in Electrochemical Sensors for Vital Biomedical Markers Using Hybrid Nanostructured Materials

K Koteshwara Reddy, Harshad Bandal, Moru Satyanarayana, Kotagiri Yugender Goud, Kauveri Vengatajalabathy Gobi, Tippabattini Jayaramudu, John Amalraj, Hern Kim

Advanced Science (2020), 1902980                                                                                                 (IF 15.814)


Wearable Electrochemical Microneedle Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Levodopa: Toward Parkinson  Management

K. Yugender Goud, Chochanon Moonla, Rupesh K. Mishra, Chunmei Yu, Roger Narayan, Irene Litvan, Joseph Wang

 ACS Sensors (2019) 20, 3                                                                                                                (IF 7.333)


Progress on nanostructured electrochemical sensors and their recognition elements for detection of mycotoxins: A  review

K Yugender Goud, Suresh Kumar Kalisa, Vanish Kumar, Yiu Fai Tsang, S Lee, K Vengatajalabathy Gobi, Ki-Hyun Kim

Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2019) 121, 205-222                                                                          (IF 10.257)


Nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensors for the detection of neurochemicals in biological matrices

Abdelmonaim Azzouz, K Yugender Goud, Nadeem Raza, Evaristo Ballesteros, Sung-Eun Lee, Jongki Hong, Akash Deep, Ki-Hyun Kim

Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2019) 110, 15-34                                                                               (IF 9.801)

An electrochemical aptasensor based on functionalized graphene oxide assisted electrocatalytic signal amplification of methylene blue for aflatoxin B1 detection

K. Yugender Goud, Gaëlle Catanante, Akhtar Hayat, Satyanarayana M, K. Vengatajalabathy Gobi, Jean Louis Marty

Electro Chimica Acta (2017) 244, 96- 103                                                                                            (IF 6.215)

Disposable and portable electrochemical aptasensor for label-free detection of aflatoxin B1 in alcoholic beverages

K. Yugender Goud, G Catanante, A Hayat, M Satyanarayana, KV Gobi, JL Marty

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2016)466-473                                                                             (IF 7.10)