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Dr. Sarath Sasi
Asst. Professor
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PhD in Mathematical Sciences,  Mississippi State University, 2012

MTech in Industrial Mathematics and  Scientific Computing, IIT Madras,  2004

MSc in Mathematics, University of Calicut, 2001



2016-2017  Asst. Professor  - NISER Bhubaneswar

2015-2016  Visiting Faculty  -  NISER Bhubaneswar

2013-2015  Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic


2017 Odd Semester   -   MA 2032 Numerical Analysis

2018 Even Semester  -   MA 2032 Numerical Analysis

2018 Odd Semester    -  MA 1010 Calculus (2 batches)

2019 Even Semester  -  MA 1020 Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra

2019  Odd Semester   -  MA 1010 Calculus, MA7003  

2020 Even Semester  -   MA 2032 Numerical Analysis


Research Area
Partial differential equations
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Recent Publications

Mohan Mallick, Sarath Sasi, R. Shivaji, and S. Sundar
Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis (2021)
Anoop T. V, Vladimir Bobkov and Sarath Sasi
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 370 7181-7199 (2018)
Anoop T. V, Pavel Drábek and Sarath Sasi
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 144 2503-2512 (2016)
Anoop T. V, Pavel Drábek, Lakshmi Sankar and Sarath Sasi
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods and Analysis 130 241-254 (2016)
Anoop T. V, Pavel Drábek and Sarath Sasi
Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 53 961-975 (2015)