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Dr. Manas Kumar Jena
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Dr. Manas Kumar Jena received his Ph.D. in Power System Engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.  Before joining IIT Palakkad, he served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), at General Electric (GE-Power). He is a Senior Member of IEEE and holds the position of IEEE PES SB Advisor at IIT Palakkad. He is the recipient of the Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE) Innovative Student Projects Award 2018- Doctoral Level, POSOCO Power System Award (PPSA)-2019, and GE-Impact Award-2019 for the development and delivery of PhasorAnalytics Software Solution to ONS-Brazil.

His major research interests include the application of Synchrophasor Technology to enhance Power Grid Monitoring, Control, and Protection, Development of WAMS Grid Stability Solutions, Adaptive protection of transmission system, etc.


International Journal Publications (Citations:363, h-index:11, i10-index:12, Ref:GS)

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International Conference Publications:


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EE3040: Power Systems (Jan- April 2020, Feb-May 2021)

EE5513: Power System Protection (Sep 2020- Jan 2021)

EE5017: Power System Analysis and Operation (Sep 2020 to Jan 2021)

EE2010: Basic Electrical Engineering (July- Nov 2019)

EE3170: Electrical Machine Laboratory (July- Nov 2019)

EE4120: Power Systems Laboratory (July- Nov 2019)


Research Area
Power System Protection
Wide Area Monitoring System
Application of Synchrophasor Technology
Power System Dynamics
Application of AI/Machine learning in Power System Engineering
Application of Signal Processing in Power System Engineering
Design and Development of Software Solutions for Control Room Applications
Additional Information
Professional Services

Reviewer for the following peer-reviewed journals:

(i) IEEE Transcations on Power Systems

(ii) IEEE Transcations on Power Delivery

(iii) IEEE Transcations on Smart Grid

(iv) IEEE Transcations on Industrial Electronics

(v) IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Invited Talks
1. " Synchrophasor Technology in Smart Grid" AICTE sponsored six day online Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on “Novel Design & Control Strategies and Innovative Technical Practices in LV/HV Modern Switch Gear, 23 - 29 July 2020 at  Saranathan College of Engineering, Tiruchirapalli,India.

2. "Grid operation using Synchrophasor technology", The Institute of Engineers (India) Online Seminar Series on Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering, 22 - 26 June 2020 at PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research, Coimbatore, India.  

3. " Wide area monitoring, protection and control in future smart grid", CSIR sponsored one day national seminar, Amrita College of Engineering and technology, Nagercoil,11th Jan 2020. 

4. “Operationalizing WAMS in the Control Room” , IIT Kharagpur,Feb 2019.

5. “Wide Area Monitoring, Control and Protection” Short Term Training Programme (STTP-2019) on “Recent Advances in Modern Power Technologies”, NIT Raipur,2019.

6. “Data-Mining Based Integrated Impedance Relay for Compensated Lines”, RTDS UGM-2014, IIT Kanpur.

7. "Real Time Digital Simulation”, National Workshop on Recent Developments in Smart Grid Technologies, 2014(NWSGT-2014), IIT Bhubaneswar.

Recent Publications

P Shaw, Manas Kumar Jena
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2021)
M. K. Jena and B. K. Panigrahi
IEEE Systems Journal 13 (3) 3368-3375 (2019)
V. Nougain, M. K. Jena and B. K. Panigrahi
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 13 (20) 4551-4557 (2019)
M. K. Jena and B. K. Panigrahi
IEEE Systems Journal 13 (2) 1823 - 1830 (2019)