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Dr. Mintu Porel
Assistant Professor and Ramanujan Fellow
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Porel group is focused on the design, synthesis, and applications of novel classes of organic macromolecules. In contrast to the small molecules, macromolecules have some unique properties that make them perfect fit for various applications which are otherwise challenging to meet. Synthesis of macromolecules in its absolutely pure form is still difficult to achieve. While the current trend in this field is focused on solving this issue, immediate next goal is how to get a hand on controlling the properties of the macromolecules which is crucial for making them an efficient candidate for a given application. The fact that properties of a macromolecule are not predictable from the properties of the building blocks adds up another dimension to the complexity of this field. Our group aims to work on developing a novel strategy to synthesize a new class of organic macromolecules and most importantly modulate their properties by the custom synthesis of building blocks and tuning organic reactions. The novelty of our system is that we can precisely control the arrangement of multiple functional groups that leads to its structure, properties, and function. Taking together Porel group is ambitious to develop a platform for the rapid and economic production of manmade materials with tunable properties for enormous applications from material to biomedical science. Welcome to the fun ride to discover novel organic materials with innovative properties.


B. Tech. course at IIT Palakkad:
CY1020: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Organic Reactions
CY1010: Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry
BT2010: Life Science
CY1030: Chemistry LabI
CE3025: Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

▪ M. Sc. course at IIT Palakkad:

CY5013: Synthetic Approaches in Chemistry

CY5008: Reaction Mechanisms
CY5104: Structure, Energetics and Dynamics Lab-1
CY5101: Structure, Energetics and Dynamics Lab-3

▪ Ph.D. course at IIT Palakkad:
CY6001: Physical Methods in Chemistry


Research Group

Ph.D students:

1. Ms. Liya T, M.Sc. in Chemistry from University Of Calicut

2. Ms. Anna Jose, M. Sc. in Chemistry from National Institutes of Technology Calicut

3. Mr. Debashis Barik, M. Sc. in Pondicherry University

4. Ms. Geethanjali Anand, M.Sc. from University of Kerala

5. Ms. Rakhi Mol K M, M.Sc. from University of Kerala

Research associate:

Dr. Vignesh A.

Dr. Vijay M.

Dr. Shubha Rao

M. Sc. student:

1. Devanshi Handa

2. Ayushi Tripathi

3. Vaishali Dipak Dalvi


Postdoctoral associate:

Dr. Nanjan Pandu 

M. Sc. project student:

1. Mr. Abra Mathew, M.Sc. in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala

2. Ms. Maya Manoharan, M.Sc. in Chemistry from Calicut University, Kerala

3. Arpita Panda, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad

4. Tripti Kundu, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad

5. Mr. Rohit Sharma, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad 

6. Ms. Dipanjana Sarkar, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad

7. Ms. Mithu Kumari, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad

8. Ms. Maya PM, M. Sc. from IIT Palakkad

Research Internship:

1. Mr. Vibhav Damodar, M. Sc. in Chemistry National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal

2. Ms. Joycee P. Johnson, continuing M.Sc. in Chemistry in University of Mysore

Research Area
Design, Synthesis and Application of novel organic materials, Supramolecular and Macromolecular Chemistry , Photochemistry
Additional Information

Research Project

1. Title: Design and Synthesis of a Novel Class of Sequence-defined Macrocycles with Modular Post-synthetic Modification for Material and Biomedical Applications

Funding source: Core Research Grant (CRG), DST, India 

Amount: 53.65 lakhs
Role: PI
Status: 2020-2023

2. Title: Study of the interaction between synthetic sequence-defined macromolecules and lipid-membrane towards developing antibacterial and anticancer drug

Funding source: MHRD-STARS, India
Amount: 99.7 lakhs
Role: PI
Status: 2020-2023, ongoing

3. Title: A Novel Class of Functionally Controlled Macromolecules with Tunable Properties for Material and Biomedical Applications

Funding source: Ramanujan Fellowship, DST-SERB, India
Amount: 38 lakhs
Role: PI
Status: 2018-2023, ongoing 

Selected Publications and Patent

From IIT Palakkad


1. Thurakkal, L.; Porel, M.*; Efficient mercury removal in 30 seconds by designing a dithiocarbamate-based organic polymer with customizable functionalities and tuneable properties, Environ. Sci. Water Res. Technol., 2022, Accepted (DOI:

2. Cheekatla, S. R.#; Thurakkal, L.#; Jose, A.;  Barik, D.; Porel, M.*;  Aza-oxa-triazole based Macrocycles with Tunable Properties: Design, Synthesis and Bioactivity, Molecules, 202227, 3409  (Both authors contributed equally)

3. Thurakkal, L.; Pandurangan, N, Porel, M.*;  Design, synthesis and bioactive properties of a class of macrocycles with tunable functional groups and ring size, Sci. Rep. 2022, 12, Article number: 4815

4. Jose, A.; Porel, M.*; Backbone and side chain-linker tunability among dithiocarbamate, ester and amide in sequence-defined oligomers: Synthesis and structure-property-function relationship, Polym. Chem. 2022, 13, 2450-2458

5. Jose, A.; Pandurangan, N.; Porel, M.*; Sequence-defined oligomer as a modular platform for selective sub-picomolar detection and removal of Hg2+, Polym. Chem. 2021, 12, 5201

6. Nanjan, P.; Jose, A.; Thurakkal, L. Porel, M.* A Scalable, Support-free, Iterative Strategy for Multi-functional Sequence-defined Dithiocarbamate Polymer, Macromolecules2020,  53, 11019-11026

7Thurakkal, L.#; Singh, S.#; Roy, R.; Kar, P.; Sadhukhan, S.*; Porel, M.* An in-silico study on selected organosulfur compounds as potential drugs for SARS-CoV-2 infection via binding multiple drug targets, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2020, 763, 138193 (Both authors contributed equally)

8. Nanjan, P.; Porel, M.* Sequence-defined Non-natural Polymers: Synthesis and Applications, Polym. Chem., 2019, 5406-5424


1. Porel, M.; Pandurangan, N.; A Novel Class of Sequence-Defined Polymers and Preparation Methods Thereoff, 2020, US Patent approved, Patent No. US 11427682 B2

2. Porel, M.; Jose, A.; Thurakkal, L.; AN ASSEMBLY FOR RAPID DETECTION AND DETOXIFICATION OF Hg2+ FROM WATER AND A METHOD THEREOF, Patent filed, Reference no. 202241063367

Before joining IIT Palakkad   


1. Porel, M.; Thornlow, D. N.; Phan; N. N.; Alabi, C. A. Sequence-defined bioactive macrocycles via an acid catalyzed cascade reaction. Nat. Chem. 20168, 590-596. (Highlighted on MedicinetPhys. OrgTechnology Org, Cornell ChronicleBioportfolioHealth)

2. Porel, M.; Thornlow, D. N.; Artim, C.; Alabi, C. A. Sequence defined backbone modifications regulate antibacterial activity of oligoTEAs, ACS Chem. Biol. 201712, 715-723.

3. Porel, M.; Brown, J. S.; Alabi; C. A. Sequence-defined oligothioetheramides. Synlett 201526, 565-571. Selected as Cover Page.

4. Porel, M.; Alabi, C. A. Sequence-defined polymers via orthogonal allyl acrylamide building blocks. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014136, 13162-13165.

5. Porel, M.; Ramalingam, V.;  Domaradzki, M. E.; Young, V. G.; Ramamurthy, V; Muthyala, R. S. Chloride sensing via suppression of excited state intramolecular proton transfer in squaramides. Chem. Commun. 201349, 1633-1635.

6. Porel, M.; Chi-Hung, C.; Burda, C.; Ramamurthy, V. Ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer between an incarcerated donor and a free acceptor in aqueous solution. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012134, 14718-14721.


Alabi, C. A.; Porel, M. Sequence-defined polymers and methods for production of sequence-defined polymers, 2016, US Patent Application No. US 20160075831 A1 20160317.

Honors and Awards

1. ‘Early Career Award', International Conference on Smart Materials for Sustainable Technology
(SMST-2020), organized by The Society for Interdisciplinary Research in Materials and Biology
(SIRMB) with a focus on fundamentals and applications in healthcare and energy, 2020

2. 'Ramanujan Fellowship', Science and Engineering Research Board, 2018

3. ‘2012 Gerhard Closs Student Award’, Inter-American Photochemical Society (IAPS), Florida, USA, 2013.

4. ‘College of Arts & Sciences Summer Graduate Research Fellowship Award’, University of Miami, Florida, USA, 2010

5. 'Stanley, Sam and Clara Schreiber Scholarship’, University of Miami, Florida, USA, 2010.

6. 'First Publication Award’ University of Miami, Florida, USA, 2009.

Selected Invited presentations

1.  International Conference on Smart Materials for Sustainable Technology, Goa, India, Feb 2020.

2. '252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting', Philadelphia, USA​; Aug 2016

3. 'Young Investigator Meeting (YIM-Boston)', Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA; Sept 2015

4. 'Cornell Center for Technology', Cornell University, New York, USA; Oct 2015

5. 'Inter-American Photochemical Society', Florida, USA; Jan 2013

6. 'Gordon Research Conferences (Photochemistry)', Massachusetts, USA; Jul 2011 

7. 'Inter-American Photochemical Society 20th Winter Conference', Florida, USA; Jan 2010