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Dr. Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
Assistant Professor
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I completed my B.Sc (Hons.) degree in Mathematics from Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in 2007. I then joined the Integrated Ph.D. program at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Gautam Bharali and obtained my Ph.D in 2014. My thesis entitled "On the Structure of Proper Holomorphic Mappings" was awarded the Sir Martin Forster medal for the best thesis in Mathematical Sciences for the year 2013-14 by the Indian Institute of Science in July 2015. I was awarded the INSPIRE Facultyship in January 2015. I joined the Indian Institute of Technology Madras as an INSPIRE Hosted Faculty in April 2015. I spent the next four years at IIT Madras teaching a variety of courses. During this period, I was also an instructor for several workshops intended for both students as well as college teachers. I enjoy teaching and I hope to make useful contributions to the Math Circles planned by the Department of Mathematics.



A note on the smoothness of the Minkowski function
Haridas, P. ; Janardhanan, J.
Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 2020


Schwarz Lemmas via the Pluricomplex Green’s Function
Janardhanan, J.
The Journal of Geometric Analysis
Proper Holomorphic Mappings onto Symmetric Products of a Riemann Surface
Bharali, G.; Biswas, I.; Divakaran, D. & Janardhanan, J.
Documenta Mathematica
A 1-point poly-quadrature domain of order 1 not biholomorphic to a complete circular domain
Haridas, P. & Janardhanan, J.
Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Finiteness theorems for holomorphic mapping from products of hyperbolic Riemann surfaces
Divakaran, D. & Janardhanan, J.
International Journal of Mathematics
Vol. 28
Proper holomorphic mappings of balanced domains in Cn
Janardhanan, J.
Mathematische Zeitschrift
Vol. 280
pp. 257-268
Proper holomorphic maps between bounded symmetric domains revisited
Bharali, G. & Janardhanan, J.
Pacific Journal of Mathematics
Vol. 271
pp. 1-24
Proper holomorphic mappings between hyperbolic product manifolds
Janardhanan, J.
International Journal of Mathematics
Vol. 25

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Current Teaching:

                 July -- Oct2020 NPTEL Course on Real Analysis


                Jan -- TBA 2020: Algebra (MA2021)

Courses taught at IITM:

  1. Jan – May 2016: Complex Analysis (MA5360)
  2. July – Nov 2016: Multivariable Calculus (MA5371)
  3. Jan – May 2017: Series and Matrices (MA1102)
  4. Jan – May 2018: Complex Analysis (MA5360)
  5. Jan – May 2019: Transformation Techniques (MA5460)
  6. Jul – Nov   2019: Functions of Several Variables (MA1101)
Research Area
Several Complex Variables
Complex Dynamics
Complex Geometry
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Recent Publications

Pranav Haridas and Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations (2020)
Pranav Haridas and Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
Analysis and Mathematical Physics (2019)
Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
The Journal of Geometric Analysis (2019)
Gautam Bharali, Indranil Biswas, Divakaran Divakaran, Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
Documentat Mathematica (2018)
Divakaran Divakaran and Jaikrishnan Janardhanan
International Journal of Mathematics (2017)